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Title: [ANN] Bitcoin Node Manager - Lightweight Dashboard and Control Panel
Post by: btcash on August 03, 2017, 08:50:10 PM

Bitcoin Node Manager provides a dashboard with very comprehensive information about your Bitcoin node. You can also manage your peers by banning, disconnecting or unbanning them. You can do this manually via the dashboard or by setting up rules. E.g. "Disconnect all peers peers that have used more than 10 GB traffic, if the total traffic consumption is above 100 GB" or "Ban all peers that support an alternative blockchain (BCash)". You can run rules by hand or set up corn jobs. The best way to explore all functionality is by browsing through the live demo.

The access to the dashboard is password protected and access can be limited to localhost or a specific IP address. The software is written in PHP and is very lightweight. No database or framework is required.

Any feedback welcome.

Source Code: (
Live Demo: ( (Password: test)