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Title: [ANN] - Send Any Crypto To Anyone - No address needed
Post by: MoneyBadger on August 09, 2017, 05:58:26 PM (
Send Any Cryptocurrency To Anyone - No address needed! (

Hi all, Ronan from MoneyBadger here.
Some new features have been added recently, would love to hear your feedback.

What Is MoneyBadger?
MoneyBadger ( is a web service that offers a very user-friendly and private way to send Cryptocurrencies, without knowing an address in advance.
As such, it is a very convenient way to tip or send money anonymously to strangers, online entities, or even friends.

MoneyBadger currently offers the easiest, most flexible, and private way to transfer Crytocurrencies.

How Does It Work?
Check out - (

1) Bob sends Bitcoin to MoneyBadger
2) MoneyBadger sends a Code to Alice, either via email/reddit/twitter/sms
3) Alice enters the code at and withdraws any Cryptocurrency of her choice!

MoneyBadger codes are in essence voucher codes. They are used to redeem/withdraw money and can be delivered via Email/SMS/Twitter/Reddit.
One of the great features of MoneyBadger relates to the user having flexbility to withdraw their money to any Cryptocurrency of their choice!

Additional notes
  • No login/account required
  • 50+ cryptocurrencies supported
  • Anonymous payments/tipping
  • Improved privacy for Sender & Receiver
  • Send in 3 simple steps
  • Auto-return money after 7 days
  • Worldwide SMS support

Fee Structure
We charge a fee of 0.5% or $0.50 depending on whichever is higher.

How can you get involved?
Check out MoneyBadger (, give it a try, and let us know your feedback.
Tip on Twitter, Reddit or by Emails to help us garner traction!

If you would like to discuss any partnership opportunities, or have any general enquiries, please contact

Twitter (
Facebook (
LinkedIn (

Check out ( for further information

Title: Re: [ANN] - Send Any Crypto To Anyone - No address needed
Post by: MoneyBadger on March 23, 2018, 02:17:23 PM
Segwit has been Enabled on ( !

You can now enjoy lower fees while sending Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by Email, SMS + more!

Please let us know if you have any feedback or comments  ;D


Title: Re: [ANN] - Send Any Crypto To Anyone - No address needed
Post by: MoneyBadger on May 14, 2018, 10:05:06 PM
An API is now available on to allow the sending of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies via email!  :o

API keys can be requested via PM or by contacting

Some instructions as follows -

method: POST
data format: JSON
Fields required:
currency   = choices available are eur/gbp/usd/btc
amount     = amount of eur/gbp/usd/btc to be sent
email      = email address of the recipient
reference  = include a message or text reference, which the recipient will see
returnbtc  = include a Bitcoin return address, funds will be auto-returned if not collected
apiKey     = XXXXXXXX
example data:
{"name":"reference","value":"Here's 10 dollars! Chris"},{"name":"returnbtc","value":"3E8DsY9MYAFd7ziEe6gmAqaumKYXmcEan7"},
result               = success/fail
order_id             = Order ID of this request
deposit_address      = send funds to this address to complete the order
order_amount_no_fee  = order amount, not including MoneyBadger fee ($0.50)
order_total_amount   = total order amount
order_btc_no_fee     = order amount in Btc, not including MoneyBadger fee ($0.50)
order_total_btc      = total order amount in Btc


Do let us know if you have any queries or feedback.

Additional API's will become available in the near future also!  :)