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Title: Free CounterCoin Exchange software for shopkeepers, pawnshops, coinshops
Post by: raymetz100 on August 14, 2017, 02:35:07 AM
If anyone is interested in contributing to this idea, I can add you as a GitHub Collaborator to my wiki or you can copy it to your own GitHub page and do what you like with it.  The idea is free for all to use in any way you want.

# CounterCoin
A bitcoin ATM without a cash dispenser.  Shop owners handle the cash manually.

There are 3 separate parts. 
1. A $100 paper wallet private key printer, with no memory and not connected to the internet.
2. A $400 customer internet PC.
3. Shop owner's existing PC.  $50 QR scanner only.
Profit potential is also defined in it's own section.

### Private Key Printer
- Based on $35 Raspberry Pi 3
- I found a free Linux Private key generator tool, , that might work.
- Need to find a Raspberry Pi compatible printer that prints QR codes.  $90?
- This should be under $100 and work with a single push button.
- No screen.  If we find key software for multiple coins, we can have multiple buttons.
- If Raspberry Pi 3 doesn't work, we can use a $179 Win10 PC intead.  I already have this working MINIX NEO Z83-4 It requires a monitor, keyboard, mouse which bumps the cost to $250 over the Raspberry Pi
- Need to ensure security in open source.  Any scripts or software should immediately reboot after key is printed.
- Need to make sign explsining risk to using shop generated private keys.
- It's open source, so any software engineer can modify and steal private keys if they wish.  Shop owners will need to understand risk and trust first, then customers will have to have trust with shopowners.
- Customers should be able to make this device at home and use their own rather than shopkeeper device.

### Customer Web PC
- This is similar to a PC you'd find for free use at the library.  It will have minimal custom software with hyperlinks to crypto coin websites.  It will also have a simple conversion calculator, QR scanner, and printer for public keys.  Windows 10 or tablet/phone based.  Touch screen desired.
- It would cost about $400 for a Win10 PC, , touch monitor, printer for public keys and customer desired conversion amount, and QR Scanner.  Writing the software there should be super easy since it will be web connected and Windows 10.
- Customers can choose to use their own Phone instead of this Public PC if they wish.
- Need to find software that clears last user's changes and resets the PC for each use.
- Need warning popup software to warn customers not to store passwords / private keys from this PC.  Not responsible, etc.
- HTML 5 could be used for the User Interface.  Need to find a popular/easy HTML 5 library.  open source.  Goal is to make it easy for others to help through GitHub.

### Shopkeeper PC
- Shop owners will use existing software like Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, and Trezor. 
- No custom software. 
- The only hardware would be a $50 QR scanner.
- Need to find or write training materials.  Find links to the best existing training for CoinBase for instance.

### Profit potential
#### Shopkeeper
- The shopkeeper can charge whatever they want including transaction fees and favorable exchange margins.  The basic exchange rate software on the customer PC can have customizable fees and exchange rates.  Ultimately it's up to the shopkeeper to transfer as many crypto currency as they wish and exchange as much cash as they wish.
#### Computer Service Tech
- A computer tech with enough knowledge to understand this page, can charge what they want to build, and install the equipment.
- The Computer tech can make arrangements with the shopkeeper for ongoing profit sharing and service.  It would be based on trust since there is nothing in the software to enforce or tally the use.
#### Software developer, designer
- No profit potential that I can think of.  I want to spend minimal effort here, but this is needed to get to the Shopkeeper and Service Tech income.