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Title: Just a warning... Game bundles from video-cards...
Post by: ISAWHIM on May 23, 2013, 09:05:15 AM
AMD is having "issues" with many pre-claimed game-cards. (They may even just say it is claimed, just to have you confirm an actual purchase.)

The issue is two things...
1: There is a game-code generator in peoples hands. They are selling "valid" codes that are not "real". (Valid = works when you punch-in the numbers. But because it is not real, when the actual owner claims the code, you loose the game.)
2: Codes can be "seen" before they are scratched-off. People are reading the codes, selling them, and then activating them for themselves, or for another person. That invalidates the code they sold you.

What AMD is doing to resolve this issue...
1: Make all codes invalid.
2: Make the customer contact them for manual submission of codes.
3: Make the customer provide proof of sale, and item, and ticket.
- Photo of billing invoice (You can block the personal information, just not the sales ID)
- Photo of shipping invoice (You can block the personal information, just not the item ID)
- Photo of actual purchased item. (UPC and item codes from bottom of the boxes.)
- Photo of actual scratched card, and the PLUS-CODE under the proof-of-purchase ID from the UPC symbol. (The Plus code is what validates the scratched code. Not the UPC symbol, those are not unique to each card-code.)

Please have these photos sent to those who are making a purchase for your game-code cards. They will need it, and will come back and complain if they can not register, and are told WRONGFULLY, that the game-code is already registered.

This comes directly from AMD's mouth. They DO NOT CARE that you are reselling the free game-codes. But they want sellers and buyers to know that this information WILL BE REQUIRED for ALL future game-codes, due to the above stated issues.

Title: Re: Just a warning... Game bundles from video-cards...
Post by: 3btc on May 23, 2013, 09:15:57 AM
This comes directly from AMD's mouth.

Source? Proof?

Title: Re: Just a warning... Game bundles from video-cards...
Post by: ISAWHIM on May 23, 2013, 09:28:51 AM
I would forward you my emails and telephone transcripts, but that is a little excessive... (I have sold 12 codes, 12 have had this "issue". They have required this for EVERY code so far, that I have sold. This includes 3 invoices/packing-slips. 1 for 3-cards, 1 for 3-cards, 1 for 6-cards. They know it is ME reselling the games, because I have called them directly about the purchases. The invoices can not be used again, since all 12 cards are accounted for, from me. Unless I get a new invoice and make new purchases, which I am.)

For now, you will just have to take my direct testimonial, and the thousands of testimonials on the internet as proof.

Why would I make this up? Is it that difficult to photograph your proof of purchase, in advance, before selling the game-codes?

I am just trying to protect those buying, and those selling, at the same time. The last thing an honest seller wants is a stupid legitimate complication tarnishing their record, from a frustrated buyer crying-wolf.

You don't have to believe me. It isn't my loss if your funds get pulled because the person buying the codes thinks they were ripped-off, and doesn't return the card to you, and leaves YOU high and dry. Or if you buy a card, and find it does not work, and can't contact the seller, and can't get your money back.

The only one who would care about this bit of info, seeing it as "bad", is someone selling illegal game codes... Are you selling illegal game codes? Is that why you are questioning my experience?

NOTE: I do not sell cards here. Just for the record, I sell on ebay. Where I can sell to trusted individuals that can be held accountable for losses. (Not that people here can not be trusted, but there is a "scammer rating" for a reason.)

Title: Re: Just a warning... Game bundles from video-cards...
Post by: 3btc on May 23, 2013, 09:51:35 AM
Was just curious because I will get some AMD stuff in the near future. Didn't hear about any wild code generators or other scams so I thought it doesn't hurt to ask.

Title: Re: Just a warning... Game bundles from video-cards...
Post by: ISAWHIM on May 24, 2013, 04:28:49 AM
It doesn't hurt to ask. It also doesn't hurt to be prepared. Nor does it hurt to get this confirmed by other sources.

I do not work for AMD, but I spoke in length, with a representative of AMD, who handles this specific issue.

Seriously though, you never heard of a key generator? They have them for every game that is ever made. (Even online activation games.)

Generating a valid key is not like generating a "real" key. That is what most people selling OEM versions are doing. Selling keys generated with a key generator. AND/or a crack that "validates" the key, without calling home to see if it is "real".

lol, you usually end-up loosing the game in a week or two, or you get stuck with a buggy hacked pre-release, or old release that can't ever be updated to function correctly. (That is part of the reason they purposely leave bugs in games, then patch the legally purchased ones on day-1, then follow-up with more patches, as you progress into the game.)

But I digress... It is frustrating having to wait for a week or two, for each one of these sold games to be "validated" manually by AMD. (The purchases of the cards were from for those who want to know where the cards came from. It was not like I got them from ebay or a shady private listing on amazon.)

Title: Re: Just a warning... Game bundles from video-cards...
Post by: DarkHyudrA on May 24, 2013, 11:01:19 AM
But here is a Bitcoin forum, and most of those really came from a real GPU.
A lot of those guys already sold something before, so that's no point in being so dubious about purchasing one.
I even bought one code from someone that had less than 50 posts, and everything is OK(so far my friend didn't complained about the game getting removed).