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Title: [2017-09-05] Russia's Central Bank Issues Warning on Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
Post by: Dahman El_Harrachi on September 05, 2017, 09:29:16 PM
Russia's central bank has issued a new statement on the risks of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

The Bank of Russia, according to a notice published yesterday, appears to be responding to the rising media profile of both ICOs through which blockchain-based cryptographic tokens are sold in a crowdsale as well as cryptocurrencies themselves within Russia. Indeed, even an aide to Russian president Vladimir Putin has said he is moving to hold an ICO of his own.

The statement notes the "high risks" of exchanging cryptocurrencies, as well as participation in ICOs (described as "a form of attracting citizens' investments").

The central bank went on to say that, at this stage, it won't greenlight any cryptocurrency trading on any official exchanges, nor would it approve the use of the tech for infrastructure purposes. At the same time, the Bank of Russia doesn't serve as a financial regulator in Russia; that role falls to the State Duma and the Ministry of Finance.

The Bank of Russia said (in a translated statement):
"Given the high risks of circulation and use of crypto-currency, the Bank of Russia considers it premature to admit crypto-currencies, as well as any financial instruments nominated or associated with crypto-currencies, to circulation and use at organized trades and in clearing and settlement infrastructure on the territory of the Russian Federation for servicing transactions with crypto-currencies and derivative financial instruments on them."

The statements come on the heels of China's move to ban ICOs and more tightly control the ecosystem of exchanges offering access to those token sales. As CoinDesk previously reported, China-based ICOINFO froze its platform last week ahead of the news, and is scheduled to begin returning money to users this weekend.

This morning, Hong Kong's chief securities regulators issued a warning of their own on ICOs, remarking that some tokens may constitute securities echoing statements issued by officials in Singapore, Canada and the US in recent weeks.


Title: Re: [2017-09-05] Russia's Central Bank Issues Warning on Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
Post by: SvenBomvolen on September 05, 2017, 09:55:31 PM
Well, it is only warning and there is nothing constant in this words. We already heard the same warning from other countries, so there is nothing news breaking with that fact that Russia joins to such conclusions, especially after official banning of ICOs in Cina and South Korea. I suppose some other countries will make the same announcements in the nearly future.

Title: Re: [2017-09-05] Russia's Central Bank Issues Warning on Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
Post by: iamTom123 on September 06, 2017, 07:10:45 AM
Russia is playing both sides of the game...while we know that it is very much interested with cryptocurrency and in in fact entertaining the idea of launching their own version of Bitcoin it is at the same time doing its job of warning and protecting the people away from possible economic burden if they get into an ICO of a company or project that would turn out to be a dud.

We understand that there is a balancing act here being done. Russia is not banning all ICOs right now unlike what China had just done and I believed that Russia is friendlier to cryptocurrency compared to other closed countries. In fact, I have seen many ICO projects whose team consists of Russian-sounding names. I am seeing that after all the dusts are settled, we would see Russia taking full advantage of the many benefits that can be derived from being in the forefront of the cryptocurrency movement and I know that soon China will also realize this fact.