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Title: Hello and mh/s question.
Post by: bmgjet on June 24, 2011, 04:45:09 AM
Hello, First of all im going to say this site has a ton load of information and has provided me few hours reading so far, so thank you for that. Wish I had sighed up early then id already be over the 4 hours waiting limit.

Next im going to ask what sort of speeds should I be expecting out of a 6850. Iv got one clocked at 800mhz core and 600mhz mem and im getting 258-260 MH/s with a modified version of pocblm

Iv had a look on the hardware comparison and the speeds on that match up with my cross fire 6870 rig but for some reason this 6850 seems to be pumping more hashes then the comparable ones on the list.