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Title: I was scammed 0.2 btc at
Post by: uganda on September 27, 2017, 07:23:07 AM
I invested in a coin on called wcash.
I traded it for three days.
I held my investment of about 0.2btc
On the third day, I woke up when the owner had crushed it.
He was now the one selling on the wall billions of wcash coins.
Many investors complained but he was laughing at us in the troybox.
He placed a buy bot on his coin.
It was selling 0.00060 for btc.
He place a price of 0.00001 for btc.
Whenever his coins would go down, he would add more coins.
I sent many ticket to; but they do not respond.
Probably the owners of are the same owners of wcash and have run away with our money.
They do not answer tickets.
Anybody to help me recover my investment?

Title: Re: I was scammed 0.2 btc at
Post by: giveen on September 27, 2017, 08:16:12 AM
So how is this a scam accusation specially against yobit , yobit is just a exchange you pay fees get your coins listed and weather you dump the coin or the owners they don't care it is mentioned in their terms yobit is not responsible for the price of coin you should have done a research about the coin and how much supply the owner had.

They do not answer tickets.
Nothing new for yobit they never reply to anyone's ticket forget it your money is gone it can never be recovered now. Just type yobit in the search and you will find so many complains against them.

Title: Re: I was scammed 0.2 btc at
Post by: IconFirm on December 10, 2017, 01:23:34 PM
Copy/paste from one of the many other Yoshit scam threads:

Why do people continue to use this exchange for trading and storage? Yobit's risky practice of locking accounts and coins is well-documented here. Sending coins to Yobit is playing a risky dice, almost always in favor of the exchange keeping the coins.

For those who ignore the countless scam reports, I can suggest a few charities who accept bitcoins for a good cause. You would be doing this planet a greater favor by donating your coins to them. It's the exact same thing. When you send coins to Yobit's hot wallet you are donating your coins to this exchange.

Agreed. And since OP has confirmed that it's 1.5 BTC it's a huge amount of BTC to be trusting a random exchange in Russia(or is it even located there, now) that has an absolutely dreadful reputation of being consistently the worst place to trade your coins and has consistently the worst customer support out there.

Even though i'm sure you did nothing wrong, you should have been informed on yobit's shady activities.

Their environment basically is completely toxic, the entire exchange relies on pump and dump coins to operate and wallets are in constant maintenance mode. People's money is stuck in every way you can imagine. OP, if you don't get your money back or even if you do, learn your lesson and don't return with a new account.

TBH bitcointalk have allowed this scam exchange to to rip-off forum members for far too long. I have been warning users about this exchange since they scammed me many, many months ago - & I'm not the only one. Over the last few weeks Yoshit have been flooding their thread with fake noob comments from literally hundreds of shill accounts - even posting in Russian, even though it's the English thread, in an effort to hide the hundreds of complaints about them.

It is simply a 100% scam.

It's about time BCT moderators put a stop to Yoshit & their scammy activities by locking their thread for good & not allowing them to advertise on BCT ever again. By doing nothing BCT is actively helping promote this scam - it's got to stop.

@BCT moderators - stop advertising this scam - kill their thread please.

Title: Re: I was scammed 0.2 btc at
Post by: randozx on January 12, 2018, 12:32:33 AM
Yobit site has no credibility