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Title: Old Ann. New Ann coming soon - LiveEdu
Post by: ledu_ico on October 04, 2017, 08:21:16 PM
LiveEdu is a live and video tutorial learning platform where content creators teach learners how to build real products. Our users use practical tutorial projects to learn how to build products from the fields of programming, game development, data analytics, design, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies. Our content is available either as live stream, archived video or uploaded video. Our product is accessible under

Live and video streaming has become one of the most popular online learning methods for teaching college students and professionals practical skills. It has resulted in new methods for teaching worldwide. Despite the current number of online learning platforms available for beginners, there is a definite lack of a practical project-based learning platform for learners who have passed the beginner stage and interested in real practical projects.  Our mission is to be the place on the web for project-based learning. The main business goal behind the LiveEdu crowdsale is to build 3,500 premium projects with 500 premium projects for each of the seven topics. LiveEdu also seeks to bring cryptocurrency to the masses by educating college students and professionals using real practical cryptocurrency tutorial projects covering cryptocurrency basics, blockchain mining, Bitcoin, Ethereum, security, and ICOs.

We are launching our ICO in the coming weeks. We are currently finalizing our whitepaper and some specifics related to token mechanics. However, our website is available for viewing at and we will update it in the coming days with more details. We are looking for experienced supporters to join our bounty program to help with translations, social media, blogging and overall token sale promotion.

Our pre-sale launch date is not finalized yet. It is currently just a placeholder. The exact token rewards for this bounty program will be updated here soon.

Contact us at for more info.

Social Media Platforms

Slack -

Twitter -

Reddit -


Bounty Program


Make your own tweets about LiveEdu.
Comment on tweets made by LIVEEDU ICO official twitter: @ledu_ico
Retweet the tweets from @ledu_ico + comment your retweets with #LIVEEDUICO hashtag.

The cost of stake will be calculated using the following formula:
Total amount of allocated Twitter campaign EDU tokens /  Total amount of all of the bounty campaign participants' stakes
We use Twitter search to read the tweets you do not have to send the reports.
Your Twitter account should have at least 500 real followers. We use Twitter audit to check it. Our focus is on quality of results from posts, not just quantity. (i.e. if you have many followers and make the minimum number of tweets it is better than a few followers and more than the minimum number of tweets).
Tweets and comments must be in English.
You need to make at least 15 tweets (including comments and retweets with #LIVEEDUICO) during the campaign.
We will count only 1 tweet and only 1 comment per day.
Hashtag #LIVEEDUICO must be included in each tweet and comment. We will not count the tweets without it.
No spamming! Read our news, blog and whitepaper to gather the information, but do not copy/paste content from there!

Blog Posts

Write a text about LiveEdu ICO and publish it in your blog.

You can publish several posts. Send the reports separately.
Your post must be original and qualitative. You can lose your stakes if you make a lot of mistakes in the text.
Posts with copy+paste from our website, whitepaper and other sources will be not accepted - you must rewrite without direct quotes from our sources.
The text must be at least 500 words in length.
You will get xx bonus stakes for each 500 followers of your blog. Our focus is on the quality of post results, not post frequency (i.e. if you have many visitors and make one post it is better than a few visitors and many posts).
It must have a link to our website .

Post 500-999 words in length: xx stakes.
Post 1000-1499 words length: xx stakes.
Post 1499+ words length: xx stakes
Bonus: xx stakes / 500 followers.

How to Join
Check the terms and rules.
Write a text about LiveEdu ICO and publish it on your blog.

Contact us on BitcoinTalk, our social Media platforms or email us at to reserve your spot in the bounty program.

Title: Re: [ANN] [BOUNTY] LiveEdu - live and video tutorial learning - First education ICO
Post by: SABRINA-ANTO on October 05, 2017, 01:17:13 AM
Reserved indonesian translator

Title: Re: [ANN] [BOUNTY] LiveEdu - live and video tutorial learning - First education ICO
Post by: abiola1 on October 05, 2017, 07:51:53 PM
can't wait to join you on twitter bounty

Title: Re: [ANN] [BOUNTY] LiveEdu - live and video tutorial learning - First education ICO
Post by: onetoniro on October 05, 2017, 07:55:58 PM
I reserve for Indonesian translate.

bitcointalk username : onetoniro
bitcointalk link :;u=118030
language : Indonesian
ETH : 0x133B44B164ACF061814513B208688Db1De4646E3
previous translations links :



I will be active in the forum you can see it in the my previous ANN Thread translation.

Title: Re: [ANN] [BOUNTY] LiveEdu - live and video tutorial learning - First education ICO
Post by: cyntmms1 on October 05, 2017, 08:18:01 PM
where is link to join bounty

Title: Re: [ANN] [BOUNTY] LiveEdu - live and video tutorial learning - First education ICO
Post by: Lounadolcy on October 05, 2017, 08:36:46 PM
unclear bounty program you need to post more details .