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Title: [ANN][ICO]AI enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange Enters 2.0 Era
Post by: Bibox365_com on October 06, 2017, 07:11:05 AM
Bibox is a block chain asset intelligent trading platform created by a group of senior experts in various fields of blockchain, finance and AI intelligence!

Team Introduction:
* Overseas team, Domestic technical support
* Domestic well-known exchange personnel serve as consultants

* The ICO uses the smart contract, the coin to the account to issue the token!
* Participate in the token:ETH   No minimum number of participants   
* Public offering early bird presentation 11%
* The exchange can be traded immediately on the line

BIX purposes:
* BIX can be used to reduce exchange charges (up to 50%)
* The quarterly exchanges will make 25% of its profits for repurchase tokens
* preferential use of platform value-added services

Token sales target:
* a total of 500 million BIX
* 55% of the coinage sale
* 35% team reserved
* 10% angel round allocation

The only official website:
* secure HTTPS security identification
For details, please add the Telegram group: