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Title: Professional System Administration by 16yr veteran
Post by: phungus on June 25, 2011, 08:22:41 PM
Available for hire: Professional System Administration for bitcoins.

I have professional, corporate experience with all of the following technologies, meaning, I have implemented, managed and maintained them in production for real businesses in the United States :

GNU Linux (Ubuntu, RHEL) - Microsoft Windows Enterprise Architecture - Sun Solaris - FreeBSD

Cisco Network Engineering & Design - Cisco AAVID (Call Manager / Unity) - Telco / Internet Engineering

VMware Cloud Infrastructure - Storage Area Network Engineering (SAN) & Design (Fibre Channel, NAS, DAS)

Security Assessment - Firewall Configuration (PIX/ASA, ISA Server, Sonicwall, Kernel) - VPN - Crypto

Microsoft Exchange - Internet Protocol Support (SMTP, DNS, Anti-Spam, Domains) - LDAP - RADIUS

LAMP (Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Perl/Modperl|Python|PHP) - Tomcat - Oracle & Oracle Apps Administration

Microsoft Sharepoint - Microsoft SQL Server - High-Traffic Site Engineering (HW/SW Local & Global)

I've been CCNP certified in the past. I have been using Linux ever since my first Slackware 1.0 CD.

I entered my first professional System Administration role in 1995 managing a small ISP. From there I expanded to, Financial Consulting, Retail, Web Hosting, Datacenter, SaaS, Education, Small and Medium Business. I bring years of experience to the table for any project.

In recent years I moved away from the city and far out into the wilderness, yet I've still got a high speed internet connection. I'm attempting to live a more peaceful life with my family. Since I'm not in the active meat-space market anymore, I'm willing to be flexible on my hourly rate. I am willing to negotiate payment terms for any project, please PM me.

I'll throw out an average hourly rate of 5BTC for the forum here but that could vary based on partial hours or multiple-hour engagements. That is a current market price of $15USD per BTC, so $75/hour.

Payment terms are negotiable. Please PM.

I'm easy to work with and pay attention to what I do. I follow best practices and am continually honing my skillset and operating methods. I have strong communication skills and will make sure to keep your best interests in mind with any project.

PM me and let's talk!