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Title: Data Request for all Pool Ops
Post by: nibor on June 06, 2013, 05:41:12 AM

With the release of 0.8.2 organofcorti and I both thought it would be useful for pool users and merchants to understand the fee rules used by pool operators so that miners could make a choice of pool based partly on whether they supported those rules and merchants could understand the fees they needed to pay. (

To achieve this aim we would like pool operators to provide the information below:

  • bitcoind version - version you are using to build/validate blocks
  • blockminsize - minimum block size you will create
  • blockmaxsize - maximum block size you will create
  • blockprioritysize - size dedicated to low priority/fee tx's
  • mintxfee - the minimum tx fee to include in majority of block
  • mintxrelayfee - the minimum tx fee relayed (although doubt relevant)
  • Other - any other unique/special features of your tx selection process

If we manage to get enough responses (50% of the hashing power?) organofcorti agreed to create a new sticky thread called "Mining Pool Fee Rules" to collate the information.