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Title: Payment Institution Worldcore Launches ICO
Post by: GetBABB on October 19, 2017, 01:56:21 PM
Worldcore is an EU-regulated payment institution, founded in 2014 by EUPSProvider. This company is licensed by the National Bank of Czech Republic. Founder and chief executive of Worldcore, Alexey Nasonov is included in The 2016 New Europe list, the third annual list of central and eastern Europe’s brightest and best people.

Pre-sale for accredited investors had begun 5 days before the official Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Worldcore offered 10% bonuses to this early birds. According to the company’s press release, the project has already raised over $5 million through its pre-sale, requiring a minimum of 165 ETH/11 BTC to participate. It seems that Worldcore can easily reach maximum cap of $100m as the ICO progresses.

Title: Re: Payment Institution Worldcore Launches ICO
Post by: IconFirm on November 08, 2017, 01:02:56 PM
Beware! Worldcore are actively deleting posts from their threads that expose their scam!

FYI: Copied from Worldcore English thread.

& FintechEU:

I see that you have logged on a few times since I first posted this question, but for some reason you are not answering - why is that?

Good news!

In September Worldcore has ordered technical audit last by DataArt, the global technology consultancy with expertise in the financial services, travel & hospitality, healthcare & life sciences, media, telecom, retail, iGambling & IoT industries. Founded in 1997, DataArt employs 2000+ engineers across its 17 offices in ten countries, including the UK, US, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. This was required to make sure that our technical infrastructure is ready for fast scaling.

We worked hard to optimize the entire software and database to provide the highest possible speed of responses to any requests of our customers like submission of transaction, filtering statements, passing verification and other technical-related requests.

DataArt experts deeply reviewed our software and completed all required tests - Stress Test, Load Test and Long Period Test. It's great to notice that DataArt performance report confirms that our infrastructure can operate normally even if the load on our servers will be up to 43 times more than today. According to current statistics (26,000+ clients), Worldcore can easily handle up to 1.1 million accounts with no need to upgrade software and hardware. This is one more point for Worldcore's software quality and security.

Can you provide proof of this?

I'll ask again, just in case it was missed......

Please provide proof of this statement.

I believe it is in your interest to do so.

OK. I have asked this question on multiple occasions now, both here & on the Russian Worldcore thread ( I asked this question publicly & directly at FintechEU, the Worldcore team member who made the statement, in the interest of transparency & honesty. However, despite FintechEU logging on multiple times, this member (& the entire Worldcore team) have chosen to ignore the question completely - leaving me no option but to express my opinion & concern as to why:

After reading the statement from FintechEU, I visited the DataArt website to see if I could find more info on the "tests" that were supposedly carried out by DataArt, but was unable to find any mention of Worldcore. In fact Worldcore were not even mentioned in the list of clients that DataArt claims to have carried out auditing work for ( I thought this to be a little strange, so I then emailed DataArt at their primary email address (

Hello DataArt,

I recently read a post by the Crypto Currency Worldcore that you had provided an audit on their software & servers including Stress Test, Load Test and Long Period Test. A link to the post is below:

Worldcore website:

Can you confirm that this statement is true? If so, are the test results available, either for download or via a link?

I look forward to hearing from you.


I did not get a reply.

In order to ensure that the email had not been overlooked, I then sent the same email to every DataArt regional office contact email address (,,,,

I did not get a reply from any of the 5 emails addresses. I decided to send the 5 emails again, with a slight addition at the beginning, just to make sure I wasn't going mad:

Hello DataArt,

This is the 3rd time I have emailed your company - is there a reason why you do not read or reply to emails?

I recently read a post by the Crypto Currency Worldcore Team that you had provided an audit on their software & servers including Stress Test, Load Test and Long Period Test. A link to the post is below:

Worldcore website:

Can you confirm that this statement is true? If so, are the test results available, either for download or via a link?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Again, I got no reply from any of the 5 email addresses.

In a final attempt to glean some kind of response out of this supposed "Global Technology Consultancy" I decided to use their online contact form (RFP) (, sending them the same context as before. I finally got a reply from

Dear Icon Firm,

Thank you for your inquiry, I have to apologize for the delay with answer, but this was the first message we received. We are currently checking internally to see why this happened.

As for the subject of your inquiry, unfortunately we cannot provide any comment. I can suggest you to contact Worldcore directly to get the information you need.

Kind regards,

Elena Nasalskaya

Legal department


I found it strange (to say the least) that a "Global Technology Consultancy" were unable to send/receive emails to/from any of their international offices. Not only that, but the fact that they were completely unaware (or not?) that this was the case gave me cause for great concern about the legitimacy of this company. I decided to reply to the email address - just to see if I got a response, which I did, both of which are below:

Hello Elena,

Thanks for the late reply.  Can I ask why you are unable to confirm if the statement by Worldcore is true or false?  I'm not asking for any personal or private data - just weather DataArt did actually do the tests as stated by Worldcore on their Bitcointalk ICO thread.

Worldcore are not providing any proof that you have actually done the said tests, so if DataArt are also unable to confirm this information then I guess investors are to presume that no such tests were carried out & that Worldcore are providing falsified information regarding DataArt?

I would urge yourselves (DataArt) to please clarify the situation in order to avoid any potentially damaging PR that may arise as a result of this conflicting information from both Worldcore & yourselves.

I look forward to your clarification.

Reply from "Elena":

Dear Icon Firm,

As I stated in my previous email, unfortunately we are not able to provide any information in relation to this matter.

Kind regards,


So, there are a few very slightly different conclusions that can made as a result of these findings that I can think of:

1) Worlcore are lying to you & all potential investors of this "ICO".
2) DataArt are incapable of running their own basic email systems, let alone audit someone else's.
3) Worldcore & DataArt are the same entity?
4) This ICO is a complete scam.
5) All of the above.

Of course, you have to make your own conclusions, but it is interesting to note also that this "ICO" involves Ambisafe. Ambisafe are involved in many ICO's & promote them ruthlessly on BCT using multiple noob accounts in the OP, only to disappear once the ICO money has been raised.  These accounts are used mainly by Andrey Zamovsky, aka nixoid, but he uses many other aliases:  (  - link is taken from the Polybius ICO thread, which is also run by Ambisafe, another ICO scam.

A search for "Ambisafe" on the BCT boards will reveal how many ICO's they are/were involved with, the majority of which have also been scams/fails - to name a few: Orocrypt, Polybius, Bitcad, Cryptaur, Compcoin, Propy, etc, etc. A look at their "clients" list on their website shows a few of their ICO's, but nowhere near all of them:

Had a member of the Worldcore team answered my basic question in the first place, I probably wouldn't have bothered following up on this - but experience tells us that if a company/individual refuses to answer a question, it is because they have something to hide & therefor can't be trusted with your hard earned cash.

I will post a copy of this post to the Russian Worldcore ICO thread as well as the Worldcore Scam Accusation threads - all of them.

Good luck & be careful. Always ask questions.


BEWARE - Worldcore is another Ambisafe scam - do not get involved - you will be scammed!!!.

Title: Re: Payment Institution Worldcore Launches ICO
Post by: i-synthestech on November 08, 2017, 01:04:13 PM
thanks for warning against suspicious project!! :-X :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

Title: Re: Payment Institution Worldcore Launches ICO
Post by: IconFirm on November 09, 2017, 11:36:19 PM
Here's some more info:

Annemieke Dirke's front speaker Bitshares Foundation tries to calm the community with fake news in the bitsharesDEX telegram chat will ask any member of the admin if the person ask (ICO SCAM) for the real information (blackmail) which has already triggered a wave of queries deleted. On Steemit, Annemieke Dirke's co-workers take the same procedure instead of voting immediately. BaFi's research and the US authorities are massively expanding. Chinas investors are already taking off their capital. The big announced Bittrex deal will not materialize The founders have already spoken with the authorities. The total damage will be tens of millions of millions of dollars, the authorities will freeze the capital of the entire Thanks Annnemieke Dirkes (Anna Dirkes).

Right after all the truth and negative facts appeared proving ICO Worldcore being a SCAM and an arrogant swindler, it was asked to remove the English discussions from the forum.
Later on the discussions were created again, but this time heavily moderated by company members.

In this case, the new English language branch ICO Worldcore is nonobjective and controlled by the topic starter himself.  Our goal is to provide all the facts about the fraud of ICO Worldcore in plain view.

So we created the ICO Worldcore Scam _Discussion_ in this topic!

Scammers Profile Link:;u=1067343   (;u=1067343)

Reference Link:
Amount Scammed: $100 000 000
Payment Method: ETH
Proof of Payment:
Additional Notes:

Mike B: WorldCore Gets a Thumbs Down

The entire evidence base has already been collected:
1. The project is protected on the Internet by lawyer Stanislav Sokolovsky who was a lawyer of the Solvena financial pyramid of Pavel Krymov.
2. There is an active advertisement on the web resource of Pavel Krymov MMGP.RU, users of which participate in various HYIP projects.
3. Advertising on the pages of his accomplices is from the previous fraudulent pyramids.
4. The constant defence of Pavel Krymov by his bots on forums, including Bitcointalk.

It is established that Worldcore belongs to a financial criminal PavelKrymov. At the moment, he has several criminal cases under art. 190 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (fraud in an especially large amount) –
Worldcore in all respects falls specifies the next financial pyramid fraudster, collected a lot of evidence that you can see here:

BTW: Atlant

Just check the price chart of Atlant, after the ICO was finished and they added the shit token to exchanges. (This one was also organized by Russian criminals)
Exchange  price is already below the ICO price and it will continue to decrease. The same will happen to that scammy Worldcore token price. Just the rip-off of all investors. All that scam ICO's are well organized and well presented. In the reality all of them are designed, just to enrich the creators.  By the way, thanks for your efforts. All that scammers must be exposed.