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Title: Bitmain open sales Google Chrome Extension
Post by: castiel0504 on October 23, 2017, 10:26:58 PM
Does some one know, if is there any way to get notified when Bitmain has opened sale of any miner of theirs?

I have imagined something like Google Chrome Extension, and when sale is open you get notification on your PC. And automatic refresher on S9 on their page, and paying attention on that tab if its button for sale opened.

Currently i am using Twitter(following them) and have made system so i get SMS + Mobile notification when they tweet about it.
But during the day, they sometimes open their sale of dead expired batches that people didn't pay - how can that be followed?

Sorry in advance if i have missed place for topic, but this is as far as i have thought that it can be placed(Bitcoin Mining+Service :D )