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Title: Greetings!
Post by: Raynor on October 26, 2017, 01:29:40 PM
Greetings All,

Just like you, I am one of the early users/investors.

The idea and product grabbed my attention about 3 months ago and I have been an open  supporter ever since.

I feel the product has a future and clear market niche. 
However, it suffers low adoption… not only because of the early stage of development but due to slow market push.
KoreCoin is currently traded only on Bittrex and on top of that it’s been in maintenance for a while now – putting a break to the otherwise rapid ascend of the blockchain.
Hence a few questions:
1.   Is it part of the strategy to keep the coin from mass adoption and hence limiting it only to Bittrex?
2.   What can us, the community do, to accelerate developments and increase popularity of the product?
3.   Can the core team, benefit from outside support in development, marketing etc?

Good ideas deserve a stage and strong community support.