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Title: Sig Bounty Regulator, Make Sure Your Only Paying People Who Deserve It!
Post by: Kayaman85 on October 31, 2017, 01:02:40 PM
Hello, I am here to offer my service as a Sig Bounty Regulator for your bounty campaigns, when listing your sig bounty rules make sure to add this to your rule list "All posts must be constructive and be more than 75 characters to be able to count for stake rewards for this bounty" this will make it so that only people who post good quality content will be rewarded bounty rewards and those who are posting only comments like " I am going to keep my eye on this project" and one word comments will lose their rewards, you dont want a bunch of spammers out there advertising for you! People don't want to click on spam sigs! ...Whenever I click on someones sig its cause they seem smart and have good quality posts which makes me think that they must be sporting a good project in their sig space!

I offer my services for a low fee, might even accept your projects coin, if it seems like a good project, as payment for my services. My services will include me checking EVERYONE in your bounty campaigns posts that were made since joining your campaign, you will have to have everyone put the date that they joined your bounty in the bounty form so I can look back to that date then add up their posts which have 75 characters or more to see if they qualify, you will also need to require them to make a certain amount of posts during your campaign to qualify to make my job easier and also tell them that they CANNOT remove your signature till after the campaign has ended and you personally announce on the bounty thread that they can remove their sigs. Another part of my job will be to check up on everyone in the campaign randomly throughout the campaign to make sure they havent removed your projects sig and arent trying to cheat, if i notice they have removed the sig before they should have I will put them on a disqualified list and I will notify them personally and tell them why they have been disqualified and give them the chance to explain themselves n what not though it would be kinda hard to explain why you removed your sig before you were supposed to but ya never know..

Doing this will make it so that ONLY PEOPLE WHO DESERVE to be paid will get paid and they will also get paid more than they normally would if you didn't hire me cause if you didn't hire me then A LOT of people who don't deserve to be paid will end up getting paid which will negatively effect those who actually deserve it by resulting in them makin a lot less than they should make...So the benefits of hiring me as sig bounty regulator are -

1) I will make sure that everyone in your bounty who is wearing your sig is doing your project justice by posting quality content since that attracts people to click on the sigs more than spam type content, which just scares people away and makes them not want to click on the spammers sig.

2) I will make sure you arent paying people who do not deserve to be paid, people who are posting low quality content or spam which will also benefit those who do deserve to be paid which will make those people who do deserve it more loyal to your project since you will be showing them that you appreciate their work and they will get paid more in the end.

3) If there were more sig bounty regulators it would actually end up benefiting bitcointalk altogether in the long run cause it will make the people who post low quality content just to get paid from bounties that they do not deserve to be paid for either stop posting low quality content and they will have to start only posting good quality posts/comments or they will just go away, either way there would be a lot less spam on this forum.

We can talk about my fees once i hear about your project, if it ends up being a huge project with A LOT of work for me to do it will cost more than the project that have a normal amount of work for me, but either way my fees will still be a great deal and definitely be worth it. Especially if I choose to accept your coin as payment ;)

I will report to you once a week or however often you want me to, I can also add up bounty stakes for you and do other work as well, just let me know what you need me to do and it will be done.

Thanks for your interest and hope to hear from you soon!