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Title: Electrum Wallet; new Ledger Nano S, How to put bTC into Nano & Split
Post by: james-osburne on November 01, 2017, 11:09:28 PM
Just recovered my wallet with two deposits and no other transactions.  

I do not know the Exchange that was used to make the deposits.

I just set up a Ledger Nano S.

 Firmware is 1.3.1.

I have downloaded three Apps:

Ledger Manager

Ledger Bitcoin Wallet

Ledger BitCash Wallet

I can find nothing related to Bit Gold.  

It has been told to me by some that I can lose Cash and Gold if I do not split them from bTC before moving to another wallet, or in some cases I can loose them by just making a transaction.  

Please direct me to comprehensive and trusted learning and instruction regarding the procedure.

 In that same vein, or artery, what is the best of all publications to learn the crypto basics in today's environment?  

Also, please link to instructions that guarantee me to make a couple Million US in 90 days or less without breaking out a sweat.   That was a joke. Or was it?

BTW: Ledger says to use the browser Chrome or Chromium for Nano S apps.  Knowing that Yandex is based in Chromium, I tried using the Chrome apps in it.  They appear to work normally. Is there such a thing as appearing to work normally, but having hidden issues?  Or, if it opens and runs, all is well.  I am doing everything I can to shun the evil god GOOG.

I again thank Bitmaxz, Abdussamad, and HCP, et al for their kind help that led to me finding my stash. 


Title: Re: Electrum Wallet; new Ledger Nano S, How to put bTC into Nano & Split
Post by: HCP on November 02, 2017, 03:06:40 AM
Both BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and BTG (Bitcoin Gold) have "full" 2 way replay protection. You do NOT need to do anything special to "split" your coins. They have (or will in the case of BTG) be guaranteed to be split because the Blockchains are not going to be compatible... You can't broadcast a BTC transaction on BCH network and you can't broadcast a BCH transaction on BTC network (same will apply to BTG when they finally get it launched).

All you will need to claim your BCH (and/or BTG) will be the private keys your BTC were on at the time of the forks.

As such, just send your BTC wherever you want without worry. Ie. You can simply send them to your ledger wallet without any fear. You won't "lose" any coins doing this. Just be mindful of keeping your private keys secure.

Then when you want your "forkcoins" you simply import the old private keys that the BTC were on into the BCH (and/or BTG) wallet of your choice to claim your BCH (and/or BTG)

Note: BTG has NOT launched yet, so you can't claim it until the BTG "mainnet" is launched.