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Title: The First Steps To Crypto Mass Adoption, I NEED YOUR HELP! ALL OF YOU!
Post by: Kayaman85 on November 02, 2017, 03:42:24 PM
If you are serious and want to get more people involved in crypto's I have some good advice for you... That you should really listen to and actually implement....

To get more people into cryptos what crypto enthusiasts need to do is start contacting as many large scale and even small scale businesses (but most importantly large scale businesses) and as many of us crypto enthusiasts AS POSSIBLE should be writting/ emailing/ calling/ requesting in person that these businesses should start accepting crypto as a form of payment, and we need to tell them about any and all ways which could and would benefit them if they WERE to start accepting cryptos as a form of payment.

BUT not all crypto's though, we should really only ask them to consider accepting only a few of the TOP cryptos AT FIRST and after they accept a few they will slowly start to accept more and more just like all these online casinos are starting to do now days lol. they all pretty much started with only accepting bitcoin and now most accept A LOT of different altcons...They need to start with the coins that are the most stable and also the ones that dont really go down in value too often and don't necessarly have to go up in value that often neither but if they do go up in value then that would only benefit them if they started accepting it as a form of payment so that is a plus for them and a good thing that they need to be informed about.

 AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE NEED TO CONTACT AS MANY CORPORATIONS/ BUSINESSES AS POSSIBLE AND REQUEST THAT THEY START ACCEPTING ATLEAST A FEW STABLE COINS AS PAYMENT, TELL THEM ANY AND ALL BENEFITS THEY WILL GET FROM ACCEPTING THESE AS A FORM OF PAYMENT, AND EVEN TELL THEM WAYS WHICH THEY COULD START ACCEPTING IT AS A FORM OF PAYMENT, and all this would need to be notified to them in the simplest way possible for them to even think about considering it, cause if you make cryptos sound all complicated and volatile it will only confuse them and scare them away.  ALL THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE PLUS we will need to tell them that their customers will receive discounts or small amounts of cash back WHEN THEY PAY USING CRYPTO'S! I do not know who would fund this part of my plan, but ANYONE who could afford to pitch in to make this happen WILL end up making A LOT more profits from doing this then they would actually be losing, cause this would make more and more people start to use cryptos just for the fact that they will get discounts if they do, will be sorta like receiving a coupon but BETTER and everyone loves coupons...BUT THIS WOULD BE WAYY BETTER THAN COUPONS cause the customers could purchase ANYTHING and receive a discount for it or cashback rewards. THIS WOULD MAKE TONS of people start to use cryptos which in turn would make prices skyrocket so anyone and everyone who is holding any of the cryptos that these businesses start to accept as payment WILL REAP BIG REWARDS!! SO LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN PEOPLE! IF YOU REALLY WANT CRYPTOS TO START BEING WIDELY USED BY A MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION OR EVEN THE WHOLE POPULATION THIS REALLY IS THE ONLY WAY of succeeding with making cryptos widely adopted.

ALSO another thing that would help would be if someone were to create software or something for these stores that decide to start accepting cryptos as a form of payment which would immediately/instantly list and sell the cryptos for them so they will end up with USD instead of ending up with cryptos that they wouldnt know what to do with unless they hired professionals to be charge of their crypto profits/money for them who could then decide what the best thing that they should do would be for each of the different crypto coins...Cause some, such as Bitcon, they might want to just hold onto in like a time locked wallet or something since its pretty much only going to go up in value ESPECIALLY once these BIG companies start accepting them as a form of payment...THEY WOULD GO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY UP in value, especially if people received discounts for using them instead of using USD.


NEED A WAY FOR PEOPLE TO CONVERT USD TO CRYPTOS THAT IS EASY FOR EVEN YOUR GRANDMA TO DO, and possibly even have ATMS AT these stores which people could use to purchase cryptos. THESE ATMS WILL NEED TO HAVE ALMOST NO SERVICE FEES FOR THIS PLAN TO BE FEASIBLE, CAUSE WE CAN NOT LET THE FEES OF CONVERTING USD TO BITCOIN OR OTHER ALTCOINS CANCEL OUT THE BENEFITS OF THE DISCOUNTS THEY WILL BE RECEIVING IF THEY USE CRYPTOS TO PURCHASE THINGS AT THESE STORES! You know what I mean?! So we will need to buy or even create our own ATM's and special software which we would then place at these stores which have agreed to start accepting cryptos as payment and we will need to give the ATMS to the stores so the stores will know we are not benefiting from the ATMS (At least not directly, we would be benefiting from the rise i crypto prices though, so who cares about atm fees lol) and we will need to make it so the stores cannot add fees to the ATM's even if they wanted to do so. We give these atms to the stores along with advertisement banners which advertise the discounts ppl would receive if they use cryptos at these stores which they would be able to EASILY acquire at market price from these easily accessible ATM's WHICH CHARGE ZERO FEES cause who needs to profit from measly lil fees when we will be profiting from ALL these people buying cryptos and making the prices skyrocket!?  SCREW THE FEES WE DONT NEED TO CHARGE THEM! lol.

Okay next thing that would NEED to be done would be to pay a company in china to mass produce electronic PRICE displays that could be placed under every item in all these stores which would also need to be connected to the internet so they could stay up to date and update the price of each item in the store and stay up to date on these prices through bitcoins price fluctuations, this part will prob be the most difficult part...ACTUALLY FUCK IT who need these f*ckin pain in the @ss things when we could just have it so that they find out the price in BTC (or w.e coin they are paying for) ONCE THAT ITEM IS SCANNED AT THE CHECKOUT STAND this would make things soooo much easier. All the customers need to see is the price of the items in US $$$ and they will be able to know how many items they can afford cause they will know how much their bitcoins that they own are worth in $USD$  (Or other countries currencies, where ever the store is located) KOOL THIS MAKES THINGS A LOT MORE SIMPLE would just need to create software which could calculate and display the price of the items in BTC only at when they are being scanned at checkout, can even set up little scanning stations/machines throughout the stores (like the ones some stores already have for finding out items prices) that the customer could use to scan items to see their value in both USD and in BTC just for an added convenience.

And the amount of money that the customers will have saved by using crypto's instead of USD will be printed onto the receipt so they will see that using cryptos is very beneficial and KEEP using them.

Okay, this whole discount thing doesn't need to go on forever, just long enough to get everyone used to using cryptos to purchase stuff, once they have used cryptos for a while they will start to just use them because of all of the OTHER BENEFITS and FEATURES that cryptos have to offer. so the discount thing will only need to be funded for like a year TOPS just so that more and more people will start to use it after seeing it being advertised at their favorites stores every time that they go to those stores and after hearing about their friends and family using them and hearing about how great and convenient (and easy) they are to use to make purchases all of these facts will add up and get people to start thinking about cryptos more and more untill they finally give in and start using it themselves cause they will either let curiosity win or they will be peer pressured into trying cryptos out by their friends and loved ones and they will LOVE using cryptos as a form of payment. We will also need to educate people about how cryptos have all of the features that the USD has plus A LOT MORE and cryptos are not influenced by inflation since most have a capped max supply limit.

If we could start working on completing ALL of these necessary steps cryptos will start being widely adopted and become the norm. And some of these people will even start getting curious to learn more about cryptos and the tech behind them and will end up using cryptos as a way to invest instead of just using them as a way to save money while shopping at their favorite stores. Hell they will even profit from themselves and other buying cryptos to cause people would prob trade usd for more crypto than they need for their shopping so they will have some left which they would prob just forget about till the next time they go shopping and once they do go shopping again they will realize that the price of their cryptos actually went wayyy up which im guessing would intrigue most people and make them want to start learning more about these magical money making/profit earning coins called cryptos.

Anyways, these are a few steps which I BELIEVE would need to happen in order for cryptos to start being used by the majority of ppl on this planet, if you disagree with my opinion feel free to comment below and explain to me why you disagree, would love to hear your opinion on this matter, and if you agree with my first steps to crypto mass adoption but think more steps/ objectives need to be added then I would love to hear what you have to add to my steps. I am sure there are definitely at LEAST a few major steps which have not crossed my mind yet as I only just thought all this up just now and as I was typing. lol. But I think I am onto something here so I am def going to put some more thought into this and even create my own post/thread with this info as the main topic of the post.

But ya, come on people lets all start bugging the crap outta corporations, businesses, small stores and sh*t like that UNTIL THEY FINALLY GET TIRED OF US BUGGING THEM SO MUCH AND AGREE TO START ACCEPTING IT AS A FORM OF PAYMENT!! But before we start to bug them we need to think of EVERYTHING that would need to take place to make this conversion/ or adoption as easy for EVERYONE as it could possibly be. ONCE we can do that and have a legit plan to tell these corporations and have a list of ways they would benefit from accepting cryptos written up for them, THEN we start buggng the crap out of them, AS MANY OF US AS POSSIBLE NEED TO BUG AS MANY COMPANIES/CORPORATIONS OR W.E AS POSSIBLE and one of them will be bound to give in at some point...BUT it will need to be as easy as possible for them to START accepting crpytos as payment if we are gong to be able to talk them into agreeing we will also need solutions for this and how to make it as easy as possible for everyone, the stores, the customers, HAS TO BE SIMPLE FOR EVERYONE. So LETS GET TO WORK PEOPLE!! WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!? Well....guess you all were waiting on me to come up with this brilliant plan, but now that I have come up with it there are no more excuses! Lets do this SH*T!


And to all of you good writers out there, if you would like to help make crypto widely adopted by the masses, rewrite this post for me please using all your writing SKILLZ! lol Thank you! (Hey I am the plan creator/idea thinker, that doesnt mean I am a writing prodigy/expert as well! haha. Wish I could write better though, but maybe in a different life that will end up being my main skill. Who knows.

Peace and <3