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Title: Structure Of Digital Moneys
Post by: Dr. Moriarty on November 09, 2017, 04:52:58 PM

  Hi, I am a newbie in bitcointalk and i have no idea what are digital moneys so i decide to
search about digital moneys and write what i can learn. Maybe this informations absurd or too small for you but
if you give me a break and when i give you wrong informations if you write me my mistakes politely i can learn too.

By the way i write my articles at Steemit too. ( My Steemit User = @nuktedan )

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                                       BTCBTC THE STRUCTURE OF DIGITAL MONEYS BTCBTC
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  In this article i am going to talk about where are digital moneys coming from.
I hope I can lessen the curiosity of you with my little information.
So Let's start.

 Digital moneys are peace of codes which are intelligently designed by programmers.
After programming , the owners of this money, mine for themselves millions.

 After mining, they use these moneys which they mine to ad studies so they give
a part of moneys to people and people spread these moneys everywhere.
Then their moneys become famous.

 Bitcoin is the most popular digital money nowadays. It is first and the father of other moneys.
All moneys inspired by it and they are continuing.The founder is Satoshi Nakamoto.
He create 30 millions bitcoins. And miners should mine them. Until today miners can collect 16 millions.

The difficulty level is increasing day by day.

In conclusion, It is a team work to produce digital moneys and it is necessary to introduce it to people after it is produced.

If i made any mistakes please write me.

Thanks to read my article.  :)