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Title: POLONIEX hold my $28 000 with no reason, NEED HELP people
Post by: san francisco on November 20, 2017, 03:16:49 AM
Hi everyone, I got status your "account is frozen" on POLONIEX 7 days ago.. I had on my account 3.529 BTC, what is about $28 000 at this moment. I been on poloniex for a while,I have account with personal verification lvl 2 and I live in US, so I sent them my ID and all info what was required. At that day I just logged in as usually, and here we go...., I got the messge "Your account is frozen, contact support", I tried to contact them several times, made 2 tickets # 521572 and # 517384 but unsuccessfull, they never ansver! I still have the accese to my account, but I can't trade or transfer my money.. It is A LOT of similar posts here, and it looks like many people had or stilll have same kind of problem.., if anyone who got the own money back can give me advice how to solve it?
      I will be very appreciate it!