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Title: [Germany Torrent] BitTorrentFiles , Gods.Lu
Post by: JohnAkk on November 26, 2017, 04:08:47 PM

Bittorrentfiles is the best german tracker out there since the vanish of TS-tracker last year Bittorrentfiles has became the primary source to download the torrents for Germans. Eventhough ts-tracker returned and making its strides, BTF had overtook it in torrents and content providing. Entire site layout is in German and you must be familiar with German if not this site will not be userful to you. They open the invite system rarely, maybe once or twice a year and only for few days. - dus 2016

Review to Check the contents of the Traker :

Price : 30$



TOG is the best general tracker from Germany in my opinion , with 121,000 torrents and 11,90 users ,
German content is the best ,meaning lot's of TV and Movies dubbed , plus sports , music (around 13,000) , games , software and many more..
International content (only english) is pretty good Too with many uploads everyday..
Also keep in mind that If you are using seedbox better to announce staff about it..
Not very easy to join this one because the invite system is mostly closed.
But they have some periods per year when is open for a few days , like Christmas , New Year ,Easter , etc.
For more check the review , enjoy!

Review to Check the contents of the Traker :

Price : 37$


Payment method : BTC / Webmoney

I have more to germany trackers

Title: Re: [Germany Torrent] BitTorrentFiles, Gods.Lu, SurrealMoviez, TurboWolke, Ast4u
Post by: JohnAkk on November 28, 2017, 11:40:02 AM
I have also germany trackers and sites are :

Germany trackers :  ----> 15$ ----> Invite  ----> 20$
TurboWolke.Skynet  ----> 30$    ----> Invite ----> 12$

Title: Re: [Germany Torrent] BitTorrentFiles , Gods.Lu [for sell]
Post by: JohnAkk on November 30, 2017, 02:55:41 PM
Still i have all for sell
PM for buy any tracker