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Title: Profit [x2]
Post by: drontus on June 30, 2011, 05:30:02 PM
How it works:
1) You send from 0.5 to 2,5 BTC on 113qvGW8xjvbRmEJf7vR5yDvpknQGeptid
2) Someone also send any amount and when the number of BTC will be enough to pay double to the first player bets, then the payment is made and the turn passes to the next player

- Minimum deposit 0,5 BTC
- Maximum deposit 2,5 BTC
- Fee 5%
- The last player receives 50% of confirmed BTC
- Round ends 12 hours after the last installment
- Warning! Do not send the coins of the pools or on-line purses!
- If no one receives a profit then all deposits are returned

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