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Title: SCAM alert! "BitPoker! v1.93"
Post by: GamblingPurveyor on July 01, 2011, 06:02:54 AM
Someone has duplicated the visual appearance of my web site by copying the HTML, CSS, and a few of the images. However, this Web site comes with absolutely NO back-end, and hence does NOT host a playable game. It's just a static HTML page with the scammer's Bitcoin address as the address for adding credits:


Evidence that it's a scam and not a gambling site:

  • In spite of having a mangled version of my JavaScript code, which (when not mangled) submits to the same "index.cgi" backend as my site, there is no index.cgi on the scammer's server.
  • There are no card images on the scammer's server, except my card-back image. Card faces would be needed to implement the game.
  • The scammer's site does not generate cookies or do anything to distinguish one browser from another. That means that even if making a game was attempted, it would be impossible to distinguish your session from mine if we both attempted to play at the same time.
  • With no back-end to generate the page, the Bitcoin deposit address that appears on the page there must be static.
  • The site is presented as if it was a finished and working game on TORDIR.