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Title: A quick & dirty queue support to poclbm
Post by: techwtf on July 01, 2011, 07:16:30 AM
Has the same effect as phoenix's -q 3 (I'm not quite sure 2 or 3). Does not come with parameter now.
Maybe handy for powerful miners or miners experiencing network problems(like me).
(May get rid of "Problems Communicating With Bitcoin RPC" messages)

You can also apply the patch to phatk enabled poclbm, which can be found here:

The only tuning parameter, directly write in the code: (self.workQueue.qsize() <= 2)


Donation: 13krkb4CzRYq9kAYCRtkq6oTjaybA9XbRd

Note: If you use it with failback support, It may produce some more stale work when switching pool.