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Title: Selling Liquid crystal panels [SAMSUNG brand]
Post by: hiVe on July 01, 2011, 09:12:10 AM
Hi all,

Im offering to sell LCD panels for SAMSUNG TV's.
If you're fed up with the customer services of this particular company, or the defect is out of warranty, mechanical dmg's, broken glasses, etc.

Prices depend on model/features and inch sizes.

You'll need to identify which model you have, pass me the info so I can check in-depth as well as its availability.

Limited qty's only.
Shipping world-wide.

Current figures look like this [i believe much cheaper than OFW repairs]:
32" -> 7btc + shipping + insurance [optional]
40" -> 10~14btc + shipping + insurance [optional]
46" -> 14~18btc + shipping + insurance [optional]