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On November 7, 2017 the Cryptocurrency Exchange  CCCP with its cryptofiat money was opened. Many of you know it from the early childhood – this is the rubles of the  USSR.

Now you can conduct transactions involving the purchase / sale of Soviet money based on the market rate. We declare each of your available ruble as a token of the CCCP, and we are ready to accept it and to exchange it for a cryptocurrency.

The rate of exchange is set by the market. At the moment it is 15 kopecks for 1 ruble.  The rate in cryptocurrencies will be fixed by you.
Limits are set for input and output at the moment, but they will be reduced in the near future.
The reception and sending of the cryptofiat goes through postal services.
More: (

The Cryptocurrency Exchange has currently:
5 cryptocurrent pairs (BTC/LTC/DOGE/DASH)
2 electronic currencies (PM,PAYEER)
3 fiat currencies (RUR/USD/EUR)

INPUT and OUTPUT IBAN/WIRE/SEPA - available through the contacts with administration (EUROPE/RUSSIA)

Affiliate program 30% of the exchange’s income.
BOUNTY ( 10%

We offer moneymakers of all countries get together!

Post by: gold969 on December 08, 2017, 02:18:45 AM
 wow ... I have a few kilograms of little things since my childhood, evoke good memories, and I'm ready to share ..... I'll look after your branch, it's a good idea, besides sales will be available around the world.

 and the button on the translation site into Russian make, I registered I hope I can make a fortune with you, at the same time retweet all your tweets