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Title:, a distributed compute engine based on the blockchain
Post by: unifiedh1028 on December 14, 2017, 03:30:39 PM
Hello!  :)
We are Cold Espresso, a blockchain and altcoin tech startup founded by high school and university students who are passionate about using blockchain technology to change how the world works.

Our founding team includes:
- Joanne Park: CEO; in charge of overall operations (Full-Time)
- Hyunse Lee: Senior at Dongtan Global High School(DGHS); founded one startup and raised seed-funding and incubation from leading corporate accelerator in Seoul, Korea; in charge of business development and technical management
- Daniel Hong: undergraduate computer science student at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS); founded 5 startups including 2 edtech startups; in charge of overall blockchain tech engineering and the Foundation
- Hyunbin Seo: Sophomore at Seoul National Univeristy(SNU); founded one startup; in charge of operations and technology strategy

We are backed by KAIST Center for Creative Entrepreneurs (CCE), an organization ran by KAIST, one of South Korea's leading tech universities.

We own a non-for-profit, open source blockchain software foundation called the Foundation that is currently working on a few open source projects:
-, a distributed compute engine based on the blockchain that effectively processes both turing-complete and non-turing complete code on a single computing cluster or network
-, a blockchain-based governance framework and protocol that helps organizations and governments to solve the problem of electronic trust during electronic votes
-, a hypertext web browser and a distributed hypertext web protocol (dhp) that allows users to surf the blockchain for web content included in them

We are looking for members of the Foundation who are eager to change the world through blockchain technology. Becoming a member allows you to:
- Propose a new project
- Contribute to the project codebase directly
- Accept pull requests from other developers
- Be a board member of the Foundation (with additional processes)

If you are a developer, you can contribute by either joining as a Developer Member or as an external developer through pull requests. Even if you are not a developer, you can still apply as a Normal Member, who can assist us with design and overall operations.

We are looking for developers who can help us out with our commercial product development, which provides us funding to run the Foundation. Although we cannot pay you for this currently for this job(our entire team is also working without payments), if you were looking for a hobby or a part-time project this might be a great bet. Developers who participated in the development process of our commercial product as part of our team will receive a token coin (based on the blockchain, of course), however, as a certificate of joining the product development. Then we will pay you when we receive seed funding according to the amount written on the token. For example, if you have a token that says '15%', you will receive 15% of our seed investment money after our initial funding, even after you left the company.

You can apply for both jobs using the comment section below or emailing us at Thank you!

(Both the for-profit corporation and the Foundation will be incorporated as a United States corporation, so if you are a United States citizen you may get extra points. Also, female developers and/or normal members may also get extra points, based on your abilities and skills.)