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Title: GetBitcoin - New Site For Exchanging Bitcoin/USD
Post by: getbitcoin on July 05, 2011, 02:27:05 AM
Hey everyone. I've noticed that, if you've just heard about Bitcoin on the news and want to buy some, it can be pretty difficult - you have to set up a Dwolla account, link it to your bank account, send money to your Dwolla account, wait for that transaction to clear, set up an MtGox account, transfer money from the Dwolla account to the MtGox account, put in a trade order on MtGox, and then transfer the Bitcoin from the MtGox account to your wallet (to name one common route).

So, I've put together a site to try and make it easier for people to buy and sell Bitcoin. The URL is, and our goal is to make it easy and fast to buy and sell Bitcoin, even if you've never heard of it and just downloaded the software. Site is live and open for orders, but is still in beta, so comments/questions/bug reports much appreciated.

Title: Re: GetBitcoin - New Site For Exchanging Bitcoin/USD
Post by: grue on July 05, 2011, 02:33:10 AM
what makes your exchange better than others?

Title: Re: GetBitcoin - New Site For Exchanging Bitcoin/USD
Post by: getbitcoin on July 05, 2011, 02:46:17 AM
Great question. Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages to every exchange, but if you compare us to, eg. or

 - Our fees are lower for both buying and selling. We only charge 5% for buying and 3% for selling. Compared to, we also buy/sell at the intraday exchange rate rather than the high/low rate, so you get a better exchange rate.

 - We accept checks (cashier's, certified, traveler's, personal with advance notice from a US bank) and money orders. We might have to put a limit on these if there's too much fraud, but few other people will accept them at all. We also plan to accept MoneyGram and a few others in the next few days (getting these set up now).

 - We have a 24-hour guarantee: if we don't send the Bitcoin/cash within 24 hours of receiving payment, the order is free!

 - We have a limit order price option; you get to set the maximum or minimum price you want to trade at. If Bitcoin goes up or down 100x while your payment is in the mail, you won't get screwed.

 - We don't try to hide who we are. Our real mailing address and legal company name are posted right there on the site. I don't like to post my personal name (I'm the company founder and president) overly much just because I don't want to be harassed by random trolls, but I will if you email us (

 - We use SSL encryption, meaning that people on your WiFi network or intercepting your traffic can't see all your order information.

 - The guy who processes our orders is a professional Bitcoin day trader, and knows how to get you the best exchange rate.