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Title: rejected transactions
Post by: coinerd on July 25, 2013, 05:08:30 PM
Hi, I'm trying to create some transaction by binding specific inputs.

When I'm using a single input, I have no problems.  As soon as I add another, my transaction is rejected by the network.

I've increased the fee to twice network minimum, and after I post this I'll go make one with a ridiculous fee in case it's that.

In the meantime, any advice is appreciated.  Here's a sample of a transaction that's being rejected, I'll get more code or whatever is needed if someone has insight into this.

Selected Funds:

Change Amount

unsigned payout

signed payout
    [hex] => 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
    [complete] => 1

EDIT:  Sorry this is being tested in infinitecoin.  Also, I just tried with a .5 tx fee it's still rejected.

Title: Re: rejected transactions
Post by: coinerd on July 25, 2013, 06:32:08 PM
ok I got some basic advice from sipa and gmaxwell in the bitcointalk cev channel -

sipa says there's no possible code path in bitcoin where I would get the message I'm getting in debug.log:

ERROR: CTxMemPool::accept() : CheckTransaction failed

Aoo, I'm off to try and wake up someone related to infinitecoin dev.  Any random thoughts or advice are still appreciated, this is for a multiple wallet application and currently we're not even running an actual bitcoind or have any coins (testnet or otherwise) to test with.