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Title: Upgrade Interwiki links http → https
Post by: nullius on December 30, 2017, 05:04:13 PM
Bottom line up-front:  I ask a change which will likely require SQL database access.  Admin attention requested, please!

I have started a binge of wikignome minor edits to upgrade http links to https, where appropriate.  On the Main_Page, via Template:MainPage_FAQ, there is a link to (plain http).  In place of that link, the source of Template:MainPage_FAQ ( says this:

[[wikipedia:Public-key cryptography|public-key cryptography]]

A check of the Mediawiki Manual:Interwiki ( indicates that changing the target requires either editing the SQL of the wikiís database, or appropriately using an Interwiki extension ( if one is installed.  Obviously, this tiny fix is far above my access level.

It is good that once the Interwiki link is fixed, it will automagically fix all links using that format.  After Interwiki links are made https, I will then go around changing hardcoded Wikipedia links to the Interwiki format.


Edit:  Other Interwikis also need to be fixed; e.g. in the Main_Page itself, this also outputs a plain http link:


Somebody with appropriate access should upgrade them all to https, please.