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Title: Sharder Protocol:Airbnb in Storage --Based on Blockchain 3.0
Post by: mengzhu on January 16, 2018, 03:45:16 PM
Sharder Protocol
The sharing economy based on the underlying Sharder Protocol 
will radically change the way people store data and trade digital assets.

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Technology Innovations
Sharder initiates cross-chain distributed storage protocol, and creatively introduces the role of Watcher and Proofer in the network. It develops its own Sharder-UTXO model, which is compatible with the UTXO model of Bitcoin. The Sharder Chain running on Sharder Protocol is greatly upgraded in the robustness, security, privacy and availability of the system.

Sharing Economy
The cross-chain distributed storage network based on Sharder Protocol provides the subscribers with secure, efficient, cheap and permanent storage service, and meanwhile allows the subscribers with redundant storage space to share their extra space to get reward. Analogous to Airbnb, the multi-chain scheme based on Sharder Protocol constructs a distributed, secure, convenient and permanent sharing network.

Sharder Miners
Sharder will release its micro node miner (Sharder Hub) and storage-mining all-in-one (Sharder Box), which allow the miners to get multifold rewards by contributing both computing power and storage space to the network.

Commercial Applications
Sharder Protocol is open-source and free, any public chain or storage network could deploy Sharder Protocol, and anyone could develop DApp on it. Bean Cloud is our first application that provides the storage, proof and security service for the vast e-contacts generated in governments, banks, medical care, e-commerce, etc. There are more ahead. Sharder is developing Sharder Matrix, Sharder Brain, One Fair and other applications on data, AI and exchange. Besides the conventional data such as photos and documents, Sharder is hopefully to store any other data, for instance biological data (including gene information, growth log, medical records), and even thoughts and memories. Our mission and vision is: Store Your Stories. Your support will help our dream come true.

In the spirit of openness, transparency, and democracy, Sharder Foundation is in charge of the Sharder protocol R&D, Sharder community management, and the promotion of Sharder products and culture.

Product Matrix
Sharder Brain
AI + Data, AI + Analysis, AI + Search, AI + Alert
Sharder Matrix
Personal life data, Medical records, Gene information, growth log, even thoughts and memories
One Fair
Transparent, open-source, free market, storage capacity trade, digital assets trade, valuable data circulation
Bean Cloud
Permanent storage, data proof, certificates, legal effect
Open-Source Softwares
Sharder Protocol, smart contract, Watcher, Free market, Full Client Terminal, cross-chain deployment, compatible cloud storage, multi-chain

Cross-Chain & Sharing Economy

Proofer Mechanism
With your authorization, the proofer is able to provide the proof with social credibility and legal validity based on the data extracted from Sharder Network.
Sharder Miners
Sharder will release micro node miner and the pioneering storage-mining AIO (all-in-one) to allow the subscribers enjoy multifold income while contributing to the Sharder Network.
Sharing Economy
All roles on Sharder Network form a distributed, secure, efficient and permanent ecosystem of sharing economy.
Multi-chain Architecture
The multi-chain mining and cross-chain deployment guarantees the efficient transfer of data and value.
Digital Fair
Transparent, open-source, point-to-point, free transaction of your digital assets.
Synchronizes the full network status in real time, and dynamically adjusts the data distribution with 0.999 safety and availability. Reduces the redundant copies and increases utilization rate. Smart routers (AI+CDN).
Limitless extendibility, permanent storage, all-time service
is able to connect to all kinds of public chains and various storage networks.
Respect the ownership and privacy of subscribers.
Measurable contribution
All subscribers’ contribution to the network is quantified and measurable. Give more and get more.