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Title: Scam?
Post by: PassiTheApe on January 17, 2018, 11:55:04 AM
So, I transferred 0.3 BTC to my account back in november 2017 with the intent to obviously sell them as soon as I can but they were marked as "reserved" immediately once they were noted in my account. I thought "okay, sure maybe give them time to validate the transaction and all". Well...4 weeks later, they were still marked as reserved, but I wanted to sell them (which was end of december 2017 then). I couldn't sell them, so I started a support ticket, but they didn't answer for 10 days, which prompted me to email the support one more time. They came up with a generic answer that did not help me at all. I replied, filed a complaint with their website, called their telephone support (which is a hired company that just forwards any questions to and they themselves can't do anything about it), messaged them on Facebook and they happily ignore me.

So...since the day I definitely wanted to sell (28th December), Bitcoin crashed down below the 9000 mark, leaving me with more than 1000 in losses. And they still can't reply to my damn inquiry. I've read more reports about an "only-mode" on rendering many users unable to access their BTC. We can neither withdraw nor sell our BTC at the moment. I don't know how many are affected, but I was fucked pretty badly in my opinion. Selling BTC for merely 2500 compared to 4000 is a big deal for me, but the bigger problem is that they show no signs of taking care of the situation at all.

Does anyone experience the same issues as I do? Do you have suggestions? I don't have money for a lawyer, so that's annoying.