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Title: is a scam site
Post by: Hang10 on January 23, 2018, 03:11:07 PM
Hi Cryptocoiners,

Today, I noticed a new ad, namely BITCOIN MASTERCARD. The benefits that they are offering seemed really great. I wished it were true. So I searched the details that they are claiming, and I concluded that this is a scam site. A lot of things just did not add up.

People be careful, do not make any deposits to this website, or you will lost your BTC for nothing.

Below is an online live chat that I have initiated with the website:

"Hi, can we assist you in anyway?
   We are here to help!
Hi, can I call you up, to clarify something

However Telephone Support is currently only offered via the London office during GMT time zone. However support will soon be offered in UTC and EST time zones.
The London office is open to accept calls.
+ 44 (0) 800 368 9965

Cards and accounts are issued Worldwide to any country.
Telephone Support will be global soon.
I want to know, the name of your company ?
bitcoin mastercard international?
or MasterCard Financing UK LP

Registered company details can be found at the bottom of the website. We are an approved MasterCard retailer who offer not only Bitcoin Prepaid Cards but also standard Prepaid debit Cards.
Registered company name - MasterCard Financing UK LP
Bitcoin MasterCard is the trading name.
well since you are offering mastercard service to ALL countries, your company must have been a large company

There are hundred of companies offering Prepaid MasterCards. However yes you can search on UK Company House for our company. This will show you our registered company details and also company registration numbers with the official UK company register.
but why is it that when I googled you up, I did not found anything that is related to your claims
* to what you claim on this website

If you Google our registered company name you will find lots about our company.
When you say what we claim, what exactly do you mean?
your phone number
simple little claim

Phone Number?
can't even verified
what a joke

I do not understand what you are saying. You put our phone number into Google, what exactly would that show?
that s because this is a scam

If you go on Companies House and search for our company you will find we have been trading for years, we own and opearte multiple sites and are most certainly not a scam.
lets say I don't want to give away too much. But it is very obvious this is a scam
7 minutes ago, seen

If you really feel like that then do not register for an account. However we are a registered company and have been for a number of years, we would not be allowed to operate if we were involved in anything fraudulent."

Title: Re: is a scam site
Post by: bitsconnect on April 05, 2018, 12:21:47 AM
thank for the info & anybody use this yet??