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Title: [ANN] Achilles just brought BodBank
Post by: Fenrir_Rising on January 29, 2018, 07:02:59 AM
 OMG   Very exciting times to be in Crypto

Achilles just ANN the BodBank  :o :o :o ;D   very awesome and exciting a feature that crypto has always lacked.

I Quote:

We have some very exciting news for you miners in the next day or so!!! We where going to wait for the beta wallets to be sent out before ANN some of the more exciting Features of Achilles Wetware program but it seems as many have already brought up some questions .

For the First time ever welcome our BodBank system

Secure your wealth- -Keep your wealth in you.... NOT on you

Achilles BodBank


The Safest Cold storage for your wealth is inside you.  No matter how tough life may get. You lose your House, Cars or personal possessions by a natural disaster? Somehow you find yourself in the middle of nowhere fully naked without a wallet, clothes or nothing to your name? No matter the situation you can smile knowing you’re always covered.  You store your wealth in the safest place.  Inside of you!!! Achilles implant cold storage system can be your saving grace no matter what life throws your way. Fully secure under your skin encrypted and cannot be hacked!!!!!!  100% Hack proof. Safer than the block chain. No device can access your Achilles data without 3 things.   1. Retina confirmation, 2. Fingerprint confirmation 3. Encrypted password. So in reality Achilles in 100% the most secure way to store wealth on the planet.  There is only one vulnerability and it is human. Your mouth. If you keep your implant secret. Then there is no way anyone can hijack your Achilles.  Lose lips sink big ships. Achilles cold storage wealth system is guaranteed the Safest way to store your wealth if you can manage to keep your mouth closed about it.  First rule of Achilles implant is we do not talk about our Achilles implant

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Title: Re: [ANN] Achilles just brought BodBank
Post by: Fenrir_Rising on January 29, 2018, 07:06:29 AM