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Title: FAIMA Friendly Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistance
Post by: FAIMA_company on February 01, 2018, 01:29:50 PM
 :D FAIMA (Friendly Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistance) is a company which develops applications for mobile devices and PCs.  :) The application will diagnose diseases, identify their possible causes and provide primary recommendations for patient treatment and disease prevention.
Our goal is to make medicine more accessible to everyone, wich can be achieved by automating and simplifying the process of diagnosing diseases, as well as improving the quality and speed of medical care. All this is possible with the creation and training of artificial intelligence (AI). FAIMA is a multilanguage app that is why the communication with AI will be accessible for everyone. By using of blockchain technology it will be possible to pay for services and for training artificial neural network.
Visit our website to find more information about our project and also follow the news in our official social networks: ;)