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Title: HOT TOPICS of 2018 and future crypto trends?
Post by: rost1989 on February 04, 2018, 01:02:47 PM
What are your thoughts about future trends in Crypto? Short term (2018); mid term (2-3 years); long-term (3-5 years)?

In the previous year we had decentralized identity trend (partially we have this trend early 2018).
Currently there is a huge trend for infrastructure projects (blockchains).

I think that in for 2018 we will have a consumer oriented projects. Perhaps we will see some projects failures and successes that will be good experience for future development. I am really waiting of real application of some crypto projects.

- today most of crypto projects are oriented into blockchains due to SAFETY reasons and TRUST;
- at the same time we have increase in HACKS and DATA stolen.
Now I question myself why do we have TRUSTED technology like blockchain and we STILL do not have very good and easy SAVE mechanisms that prevent from HACKS. I think that in the nearest future we will see more data breaches and leaks. Thus I think the mid-term trend is gonna be SAFETY of personal data and HACK PROTECTION.