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Title: "CRYPTOKITTIES a Etherium mobile apps
Post by: jomz312 on February 05, 2018, 09:14:57 AM
Cryptokitties is coming to your phone...

A mobile app for CryptoKitties will be launched in the App Store in greater China and Singapore during the coming Lunar New Year that starts Feb. 16, Benny Giang, the game’s co-founder, told Quartz in an interview in Hong Kong. The app will also be available globally within weeks after its China launch, but both release dates have yet to be finalized.

In the game, players can buy and sell digital kittens in a marketplace, and rent them out for breeding or have their own cats breed between themselves. Each cat comes with a specific set of attributes, and the rarest ones can get extremely expensive. So far the most valuable cat in the game changed hands in December for $110,000, according to CryptoKitties Sale.