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Generating a new type of traffic.
The possibility of unlimited earnings for recommendations to friends

Hurry up to take up to 67% bonus!

​Bonus program: register and earn 20$! PM7 ICO: register and earn 20$!

​Within PM7 platform users receive commission bonus for each involved user in the system and the investment or purchase made by him in the projects of partner companies.

​At the moment, the platform offers one product - the PM7 platform.

​Users can share information about project through any communication channels: messengers, letters, social networks, text messages and receive bonuses for it.

​Bonus types
​There are 4 kinds of bonuses - Commission Bonuses (CB) for main system operation, Installation Bonuses (IB), Platform Service Distribution Bonus (DB) and Hot Bonuses (HB).

​There are two states of bonuses - Hold and Ready-to-Pay. All bonuses shall be paid by:

​cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC) and USD (in the form of cryptocurrencies).
​tokens of ICO projects distributed by us - it is planned, according to the Road map.
​VISA/MC payment - it is planned, according to the Road map.
​Commission Bonuses
​(Bonuses for the main system operation)
​We accrue Bonuses to our users for each involved user of PM7+ app and his investment or purchase of our products.

​All you need is to share information about PM7+ through any channels that you use: messengers, letters, social media, text messages, etc.

​When friends join us under your invitation and they make purchases - you will always receive your bonuses.

​Our bonus program provides seven levels of revenue based no your commission from investment to ICO campaign or buying other products made by your friends.

​From the first level you always receive bonuses as 7% of investment or purchases made by friends invited by you.

​And so on...

​The chain of involved friends lasts until the 7th level.

​Your income from each level of friends depends on commissions paid by our clients (each product has its own commission % and we always publish it) and it is calculated as follows:

​1st level - 7%
​2st level - 3.0%
​3st level - 1.50%
​4st level - 0.70%
​5st level - 0.60%
​6st level - 0.35%
​7st level - 0.25%
​The amount of Commission Bonuses depending on quantity of involved friends and their purchases could be seen in our calculator in Purchase Bonus tab.

​Installation Bonuses
​(Bonuses for installation of PM7+)
​Lets calculate the result for PM7+:

​When user "A" installs* PM7+ or registers on website, he receives $20 bonuses for its own installation.
​When, under recommendation of user "A", his friend of 1st level installs* PM7+, this friend receives $20 IB and the user "A" receives $20 IB for this installation also.
​When a friend on the 2nd level installed* PM7+ then a friend on 1st level will receive $20 bonuses and user "A" will receive $8.57 IB for this installation.
​And so on.... Our calculator works as follows:

​$20.00 IB - this is a bonus for installation (user "A")
​$20.00 IB - for installations of friends on the 1st level
​$8.57 IB - for installations of friends on the 2nd level
​$4.29 IB - 3nd
​$2.00 IB - 4th
​$1.71 IB - 5th
​$1.13 IB - 6th
​$1.00 IB - 7th.
​The amount of Commission Bonuses depending on quantity of involved friends and their purchases could be seen in our calculator in our Installation Bonus menu.

​All these IB are hold. When the user "A" has $200 ready-to-pay bonus, this means that our system receives at least $100 commission bonus. And we unhold his $20 IB for his $200B ready for payment. So for every $10B unheld and ready to be paid - we also unhold $1 IB (this is for his own installation of PM7+).

​When friend on the 1st level has $200B to be paid, we unhold $20 IB for his own installation and we unhold $20 IB for user "A", which he received for installation program by the friend on the 1st level.

​So, for every $10B ready for payment we unhold $1 for your own installation and $1 for user "A" who involved you.

​To get Installation Bonuses you have to register in the application.

​Distribution Bonuses (DB)
​(Distribution of PM7 Platform services)
​DB includes Commission Bonuses.

​For each involved corporate client (owner of an ICO project or any other project) who uses our marketing PM7 platform and PM7+, we pay bonuses to our users.

​The user always receives bonuses for investments or purchases made by backers of the corporate client in any of our projects.

​All you need is to share information about PM7+ and PM7 platform by personal acquaintances or through any channels you are using: messengers, letters, social media, text messages, etc.

​When a corporate client starts using the PM7 platform and PM7+ for their ICO or any other project, then he personally becomes a friend of your 1st level, and all his users will be at your 2nd level of friends and so on...

​From the users of the Project owner whom he attracted to his site and who installed PM7+ or registered in the PM7 program for his project, that bonuses are accrued according to the accrual rules for exactly this project. But if these users participate in other projects, then bonuses are calculated according to the general rules. You always receive bonuses for the investments or purchases made by the backers of the Project Owner (friends of your 2nd level) and their friends in any of our projects (see the rules for calculating bonuses for each offer for all types of bonuses).

​Also, you receive $1000 Installation Bonuses for registering a corporate client in the PM7 platform and his installation of PM7+.

​All users of its ICO (or any other project) who installed PM7+ and registered in PM7 platform become your friends of 2nd level. And for their installation or registration you receive $8.57 IB.

​And so on until the 7th level.

​The amount of Commission Bonuses depending on quantity of involved friends and purchases they made could be seen in our calculator in our Distribution Bonus menu.

​When a corporate client has other Platform services (market or PSP, etc.), then Distributors receive bonuses for him as for a friend of the 1st level for this business direction.

​The distributor could see extended revenue statistics for project areas in his back-office.

​The corporate client receives a discount on our services if he uses your promo code or just your recommendation.

​Hot Bonus
​You can recommend a purchase to any person involved by you and not by you, from any of 7 levels - when he makes a purchase within 24 hours; you receive 7% of Hot Bonus, as if this friend was in your first level.

​All commission for this operation will not go to the friend who involved this user and all commission will be sent up to your chain.

​Bonus status
​Earned bonuses have 2 statuses: Hold and Ready-to-Pay.

​When you have friends involved in any level do the action for which you will receive bonuses, you will immediately see them on their balance sheets.

​Each type of bonus has its own rules of calculation and unholding.

​Bonus payment
​At the first stage, the bonuses payment will be made in ETH, BTC and LTC to the users wallet.

​In the future we plan to add tokens of projects distributed by us.

​Also we will add opportunity to receive funds in fiat money (VISA/MC).

​Bonus quantity
​Invite as many projects and friends as you have.

​We do not set limits on your income.

​You can incredibly increase your monthly income.

​It really works!

​(Quantity of all kinds of bonuses for each product may vary, and we always publish these figures on our website).