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Title: [IDEA-DISCUSSION] Real estate and Profit sharing
Post by: Crypto_lion on February 18, 2018, 04:45:34 AM
Hi Guys, I am thinking about starting a ICO to buy a real estate in one of the major cities in a developing nation and construct apartments and sell them.

 The idea is to buy a piece of land ,construct homes and sell them for profit. Out of the profit 50% will be shared to all token holders.

Investment Amount: 500k to 1 million dollar
Time duration : 1 year
Returns : 50 percent of profit
Members in team :  just me (will be adding people when I start )
Experience in Blockchain : Have been following the crypto markets but no experience in developing till now

Can you guys help me with your feedback

  • Do you think I can attract the required investment through a coin offering?
  • How difficult is to start a ICO without any coding knowledge. I am looking to start with erc 20 token
  • How do I make the investors believe that I wont be running away with their money