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Title: slavery and food
Post by: mizerydearia on January 27, 2011, 06:57:59 AM
I thought of some things while seeping.  Here's the brevity:


The policing and imprisonment system through the united states and I believe similarly well-established throughout the word is handled very similarly to slavery in that it may be a kind of evolved form of slavery, especially considering the established behaviorisms of related personnel in which they do not 'serve and protect' the public but instead 'server and protect' the continuously incoming profits from their actions of imprisoning and enslaving as many as possible or as much as they are permitted by society.  Each individual or group of individuals that experience these types of abuses in relation to their friends and family being enslaved may feel as if they cannot do anything about it even as they try almost desperately as they are only one or a few distinct individuals in support of a single or few additionally established slaves (for varying durations of time).  Recently watching videos at helped to reinforce or establish the ideas that made me to consider this concept.

matrix / food / coupons

The mass produced food in which we consume may be made available to consumers in a way that is contributory towards enslavement and control of the minds of individuals that consume such foods.  e.g. you are what you eat.  Although it may not be accurate depiction for all food suppliers offering coupons, coupons for particular products may be made available to undercut prices for competitive products allowing for the particular product related to the coupon having more recognition for having the cheapest monetary price at time of sale.  This may allow for established monopolistic food entities to provide food offerings that may be detrimental or contributory to one's health perhaps in the form of GMOs designed to aid in such deteriorations or even to offer opportunity for consumers to feel a need for further reliance on medicinal remedies made available by health industry to cure or remedy common symptoms such as cold, upset stomach, flu, digestion issues, etc.  These issues seem very related to the food we eat, that if we choose healthy foods, then our bodies may recognize that they are healthy and not become weakened or damaged due to unhealthy foods, especially ones specifically designed to be unhealthy.  The matrix reference is in relation to scene of babies feeding the system.

Title: Re: slavery and food
Post by: FreeMoney on January 27, 2011, 07:08:40 AM
I agree about prison/slavery. If you aren't free to go then you are a slave.

Title: Re: slavery and food
Post by: grondilu on January 27, 2011, 07:54:40 AM
Chill out, man.

Title: Re: slavery and food
Post by: mizerydearia on January 27, 2011, 07:55:40 AM
It would be interesting to see action of a 'broken record' in the sense that for example, similar to Keene getting arrested for wearing a hat, and then later an additional friend getting arrested, it may be interesting to see after certain duration that yet another individuals pursues a kind of behavior that while recognizably acceptable to society may seem liek yet another volunteer to be enslaved and therefore also arrested.  It would be AMAZING if this continued dozens, hundreds, even thousands, maybe ten thousands and more of times all in the same incident.

Eventually the currently engaged police officers would recognize the pattern and perhaps call in additional 'force.'  In that expected situation, it would be interesting/amazing for even more citizens to contribute towards this stream of activity resulting in even more arrests and enslavements.

I highly doubt that the civilians in the entire locality can be arrested, but if citizens of the entire locality organized with each other to pursue such experiences, it would be very interesting to see the outcome.

Or take the idea of getting arrested for recording the police.  It would be interesting if one person caught recording teh police were being arrested, and then another individual showed up who also contributed towards another recording and then was also arrested, and then yet another individual was found nearby noticeably and actively recording and then was also arrested ...... 100 more arrests ... and then YET ANOTHER individual was found to be recording and also arrested...   ........ what are we at so far?   10,000 people arrested in the same incident!  Woo profits!

Chill out, man.

Other than inaction and ignorance is there reason to be 'chill?'