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Title: Advertising Bitcoin to Android users
Post by: ElectricGoat on January 30, 2011, 05:19:00 PM

I'm part of a small team of Android developers. We make ad-sponsored games, and we display a respectable amount of ads: our top application had one million ad requests for January. However, most of those ads are boring ringtone ads, and I'd like to seize the opportunity to advertise more interesting things.

If some of you want to advertise Bitcoin, or Bitcoin-related applications, I'd like to offer you that opportunity. Here's our experimental rate:

1) a generic Bitcoin ad, redirecting to
  - 20 000 ad impressions,  1 BTC
  - 100 ad clicks, 1 BTC

2) an ad for a Bitcoin for-profit application or service
 - 20 000 ad impressions, 1 BTC
 - 100 ad clicks, 5 BTC

For reference, a click on an AdMob ad earns us between $0.05 and $0.07, and 20 000 ad impressions earn us in average $0.86. We offer better rates for bitcoin-related ads because we want to help spread the word, but we can't pay all the cost.

We use AdMob's SDK for reporting the number of impressions and clicks.

If you're interested, you can post the details of the ad you'd like to display here (or by private message), and send the corresponding amount to this address: 1PZaP4kVNBEuvKg8e3eKASkQkwyTta2K77. If you want something more specific, just ask.

Title: Re: Advertising Bitcoin to Android users
Post by: bitmedia on October 31, 2019, 08:08:03 AM
We gathered a few tips to improve mobile bitcoin ads performance, enjoy! ;)