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Title: Epoch Blochchain is/was a scam
Post by: backstreetboy6 on March 05, 2018, 09:27:00 PM
guys , i couldnt find any appropriate place to put this thing on.
but after being scammed of some thousand bucks , i realized now that epoch-blockchain was a scam in the first place. (this is their website)

they had a pretty good white paper for anybody's liking. infact i was impressed to see what was written there.
just after their ICO , they TG has vanished ; no replies to email and no updates on any social medium.

point to ponder is they had been listed on every ico ranking site, and i wonder now if this could be the case, where can we do our due diligence if it all looks too good , for instance epoch had everything in place , not even a point of suspicion could be raised.

do you guys have any idea what can we do to cope with such scam ICOs ?

P.S. :: some whois records show that the domain was registered by some Chinese guy.