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Title: Dorodo Coin No Scam
Post by: Kinghendogg on March 12, 2018, 05:35:20 PM
This post is intended for the paid hater who has posted that Dorodo Coin is a Scam !  First off do not believe everything you read do your own research in regards to Dorodo Coin I recently telegramed the company to make sure they are operational . They were very helpful with facts and proof that they do exist and the ICO is on target getting larger and larger by the day. I contacted a few companies that Dorodo stated they have working relationships with and again I got excellent responses from their clients . Some of the clients were a bit confused as to why I was calling and taught I was joking around so you can see that they are no involved in some sort of scam ! I verified deliveries being made in 4 countries by posting ads asking if any customers of Dorodo would like to take a survey on how their experience went . I received 3 responses all with positive feedback ! So again I tell you domyou research before you listen to idiots posting negative information. It could cost you a big loss by listening to dummies . My opinion after my research is buy this ICO I personally bought 12,000 today at a nice discount and can not wait till they go live ! Thanks Dorodo for being Solid and standing your ground against these haters !