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Title: Destination Tag For Ledger Nano S?
Post by: rvnmedic6869 on March 14, 2018, 12:21:05 PM
I've got my Nano up and running and transferred a test amount of LTC from Coin Base to the ledger wallet.

I tried to buy Ripple on and it required a destination tag, even though I provided the Ledger Ripple wallet address.  Couldn't find anything on this forum but did see a reference on the Reddit forum where a poster said the Ledger wallet doesn't require a destination tag and if needed, just put a zero in the box.  That didn't work.

So my question is this:  Does the Nano S wallet require a destination tag or not?  I've started a case # with Bitit but not sure how long till they respond.


Title: Re: Destination Tag For Ledger Nano S?
Post by: deevan on March 15, 2018, 02:10:41 PM
Yes, destination tag is required whether you are sending(depends) or receiving XRP. If you want to receive XRP from an exchange to your nano S wallet you can fill the destination tag with any numeric digit, 0 will also work. Since you already mentioned that you filled 0 but it didn't work that is because if you are receiving your XRP for the first time in your nano S wallet the minimum amount must be at least 20XRP otherwise, your transaction will get failed i.e. because, for the first transaction, 20XRP is needed for your Nano S device to properly operate. So try sending at least 20XRP to your nano ledger. And if you want to send XRP from your nano S to exchange (if you are requested to fill destination tag then you must fill it given by an exchange) otherwise your transaction will be rejected & returned back or stuck in an exchange. If destination tag not required by an exchange when you want to send, just ripple address will be enough.