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Title: Stellargold AIRDROP - FREE $50 Worth Tokens
Post by: Stellargold on March 15, 2018, 03:27:40 PM
Welcome to Stellargold's Official ANN thread:
                                           Stellargold is giving away 100 tokens worth $50 as airdrop.To get those 100 tokens you have to complete tasks like Like our facebook page,Follow our twitter page and Follow our Telegram channel.
Referral campaign:
                        The referral program of stellargold is unique to ensure genuine referrals and to avoid fake people from damaging our customs. So each member who wants to refer a person has to apply for their referral candidate program and once they got an verification mail from our team they can participate and each verified member can refer up to 10 members(500 tokens worth $250).Yet they can still add referrals under their name but they will not be rewarded with stellargold instead they will receive the top referrer prize which is a cash payment of $1000 paid to their paypal account for the top referrer after the end of ICO.  The top referrer name and email ID will be published every Sundays with his photo and number of referrals.To ensure genuinity We process all the referral appications manually by our airdrop&referral team.For more details visit  ;)

Title: Re: Stellargold AIRDROP - FREE $50 Worth Tokens
Post by: cudosinichi999 on June 11, 2018, 05:04:02 PM