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Title: Retailer-friendly "buy now using bitcoin" button
Post by: markm on February 03, 2011, 11:15:14 PM
Earlier today on IRC it came to my attention that there does not seem to be a simple straightforward way to add accepting of bitcoins to a retailer's normal day to day retailing.

Take a simple buy now button for example.

I should be able to have a buy (my 125 kopeks or 2.5 whatsits or 45 thingamajigs price) item using bitcoin button that, when the user uses it to buy my item, gives me my whateveritwasiwanteds in my thosethingsIwanted account.

I should not have to daytrade bitcoins nor have any interest in how much bitcoins are worth other than being able to be confident that the button-service isn't going to scare away my customers by charging my customer far more bitcoins than my price in my units of account are worth in the eyes of a knowledgeable bitcoin-using customer.

It is really true that no such buttons have so far been implemented?

Even for relatively common whatretaileractualwants things/currencies as $USD or $CDN even if not yet kopeks or thingamajigs?