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Title: [ANN] Feedback on Blockchain Project, The Scroll Network
Post by: ScrollNetwork on March 22, 2018, 08:53:17 PM

The Scroll Team is looking for feedback on our Blockchain Project, the Scroll Network. Before getting into detail, here is a run down of everything to know about who we are in summary.

Q: Who are you?

A: While Scroll is the name of the project, we are SoluTech. SoluTech, Inc. is a tech startup that, since its creation almost 2 years ago, has focused on the innovation of peer to peer data transfer and security to create serverless data storage solutions. We had started our development journey with our first product, SlideDrive. SlideDrive's primary focus is to provide a new means of data storage that focuses on the privacy and security of the individual instead of subjecting one's data to be owned and controlled by a third party. As a means of finding interest in the market, we had run a very small Kickstarter campaign 8-9 months ago and raised $8,270 to pay for software requirements. We will be opening a second wave opt-in for SlideDrive's beta within the coming months and will be adding the opt-in page to our website within the next few days.

Q: What is Scroll?

A: In peer to peer technologies being our primary focus, we originally had planned for SlideDrive to be built into an Enterprise Application. While looking for solutions, we had concluded that allowing SlideDrive's Enterprise functionality to utilize a Semi-Private blockchain for B2B interfacing could be extremely resourceful in the world today, thus the projects went different ways and we built the Scroll Network, a safe, private, and innovative way for corporate data storage and database scaling using Blockchain Technology.

Q: Is what you are doing a pivot?

A: We do not consider the creation of the Scroll Network to be a pivot, as the utilization of a Semi-Private blockchain is extremely resourceful for B2B transactions, and aligns with our mission. That being said, the intention is to integrate SlideDrive into the Scroll Network in the future due to the overall success that the Scroll Network has shown.

Q: So how does it work?

A: Information on the Scroll Network can be found here: We have comprehensive breakdowns on how the technology works and use cases. As we continue to move forward with the project, we will be opening a closed Enterprise BETA in the coming months. Opt-in for the Scroll Network BETA will be posted on our social media channels.

Q: What is your traction looking like?

A: For roughly a year, we have been in communication with local angel investors, venture capital firms and (now) hedge funds specific to funding Blockchain Projects. In October, we had attended the Forbes Under 30 Summit to showcase what we are building with very positive feedback. Aside from Kickstarter, we had raised a small round of additional capital last in the Fall to cover more costs. We now feel that the Scroll Network has hit a point of maturity to showcase to the world.

Q: Do you have partners/an advisory board? How big is the team?

A: We will be posting our advisory board and the rest of our team to our info page on our website, along with our confirmed partners.

We are reaching out for constructive feedback on our project, as for a link to our Github we will be moving our non-proprietary code to Github and will be allowing for contributors to our open source.

Thank you very much for your future input!

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***Our social media pages are specific to Scroll, we have not been pushing any advertising just yet as we are seeking feedback from credible sources prior to doing so. Thank you!

Title: Re: [ANN] Feedback on Blockchain Project, The Scroll Network
Post by: bojoketikung on April 05, 2018, 11:07:07 PM
The preparatory Scroll Network has been long enough, focusing on peer to peer data transfer innovations, it seems very interesting and certainly will be easy to develop.