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Title: [FaucetScript] YFaucet Script v.0.3
Post by: felicita on March 23, 2018, 08:04:42 PM
I made a Faucet Script from scratch !!!
This will be a Community Script i try to implement all your wishes !!!

Cost: 15
Payment: Bitcoin | Litcoin | Paypal | SEPA
Includes: Setup Help + comming Updates (openEnd)
*What menas open end ? As long as i operate i wll update also this script.

Questions ?

  • very fast Loading
     only 570kb  browser load !
  • Bootstrap 4.0.0
     newst in responsive and mobile friendly
  • FontAwesome v5.0.6
     great and much icons for web
  • Captcha
     solvemedia for easy solving
     Nastyhosts , IPhub, TOR and my own ISP check against bots and cheaters !
  • possible to place 4 ads !
     3 on mainPage and 1 on payout Modal
  • random claim
     legit php random function, $Lucky_Number = rand(0 , 10000);  
  • Multi currency
     soon all what faucethub supports
  • Faucet Statistics
     shows your Faucehub Balance
     Toal payed out/claimed/Referal commission/Members/Referaled Members
  • easy admin panel
     edit all facuet settings

Title: Re: [FaucetScript] YFaucet Script v.0.3
Post by: felicita on April 05, 2018, 07:53:16 PM
Yes guys now after 1 week and nice ski holdys i can say v0.3 is available !
Everyone how allready Bought v0.2 gets the upgrades for free !

Changelog from v0.2 to v0.3
  • added settings in admin panel
  • changed the table view of rewards
  • captcha is now in a modal
  • added FontAwesom icons on Account Modal and login
  • Option to add E-mail
  • password revovery , a new password will be sendet to your email
  • Buttons now outline Buttons
  • removed footer from Modals
  • small changes on the page footer
  • small bug fix on withdraw stats & core script

comming before v1.0
  • Lottery
  • multi Currency

Community wishes:
[ ] shorten links
[ ✓ ] password revovery
[ ✓ ] waiting timer in seconds

Title: Re: [FaucetScript] YFaucet Script v.0.3
Post by: Refar109 on May 20, 2018, 12:07:36 PM
what a bad support and still want to have 15 EUR.

Updates were promised but there are none. and then ask a question, you get to hear, I'm on vacation and then I'll continue on my prvaten side