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Title: [WTS] Signature Space 2 Slots available
Post by: the joint on October 26, 2013, 05:28:22 PM
It's time to sell my signature space again.

Why purchase my signature space?
- I'm a longtime, trusted member of this forum.
- I am a frequent poster, and the vast majority of my posts are substantive.
- I have a voice in the community as a contributor for Bitcoin Magazine.
- Ads typically remain in my signature space for weeks or even months longer than the purchased duration, though this is not guaranteed.

- There are two (2) one-line slots available
- Indicate whether you would like the top line or the bottom line
- Top line costs BTC0.2 per month
- Bottom line costs BTC0.1 per month
- Indicate how many months of advertising you would like (e.g. 3 months @ BTC0.2; 1 month @ BTC0.1)
- After making a post of your intended purchase, send me a PM with your one-line advertisement and I will reply with a deposit address.  Once BTC is received, you receive 30 days of guaranteed ad space per month beginning at the time I copy your ad to my signature.

- No ads will be sold to accounts with a scammer tag
- If your advertisement turns out to be a scam, or if your account acquires a scammer tag before your purchased time expires, I will remove the ad and your BTC will NOT be refunded.  I will not in any way knowingly contribute to a scam of any kind.

Title: Re: [WTS] Signature Space 2 Slots available
Post by: b!z on October 27, 2013, 02:05:14 PM
Why not use this offer:

It will get you 0.3 BTC a month aswell.

He sells 2 lines, but then he can keep one line for himself :)