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Title: [PRE ANN] Mieum Platform Early Refer and Earn Program :)
Post by: mieumteam on March 27, 2018, 09:05:40 PM

Incentivized Rewards Platform
Earn rewards for interacting online, fast and easy! Secured by blockchains.

We will post our complete ANN shortly, but we wanted to post this here to get some initial traction and help get information out there!

Empowerment over Reinvention Mieum is a platform, which uses Mieum Product Functional-Token.

After months of research and development, we came to the conclusion that there really is no need for another "blockchain" or "coin" technology.
But rather, the extension of what already existed and helped without issues. As proven with other "tokens", the usage of something that exists
adds more value to the community than creating something to force more adoption.

With the Mieum Token - we use the power of blockchain security and verified transactions, to improve our payment system. Allowing our
community to create and discover the price. Many times web applications use a "site credit" system, but that doesn't add value to a community.
It limits the user to a portal with restrictions. With Mieum, we allow our community to bridge into others without further development needed.

The key to Mieum is the inherit Product Functional nature. Our community uses the token as payment for services, but is also able to use it for
payment on other sites too. During our Initial Release Pre-Sale these tokens are given a prepaid value. Any price discovered after, by the
community, is no different than someone selling or trading a "prepaid coupon or gift card".

Early and Private Initial Release Pre-Sale ( 2,500,000 Mieum Tokens Available )
March 26, 2018 - April 2, 2018

* Close payments and recalculate all tokens, confirm all payments and make sure everything is assigned to early
presale holders.

Initial Release Pre-Sale ( 10,000,000 Mieum Tokens Available )
April 9th , 2018

End of Initial Release Pre-Sale
April 30, 2018 or prior.

Each of the times and dates in the above timetable is subject to change at the absolute discretion of Mieum, All references are to Eastern
Standard Time (EST) unless otherwise stated.


This program is currently available to anyone, for creating an account you will be credited 100 Mieum Tokens. Once your account is confirmed,
login and click on the affiliate program section. You will see your link to share all over the internet or where ever you want. For each new account
created from your link, you will be credited 100 Mieum Tokens. It's that simple! We have a program maximum of 1,000,000 Mieum to give away.

Website Listings
We are looking for people to help with getting Mieum listed on website across the crypto industry. If you have connections or have the ability
to make the listing - please contact us via our Discord channel. BOUNTY: 100 - 1000 Mieum Tokens

more coming soon.


We are not endorsed or affiliated with them in anyway with any "crypto influencers" and/or "crypto hype sites". Additionally, this site and the products and services offered
on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Bing, Aweber, GetResponse, Facebook, or another site connected to ours. Any site or person who
may refer traffic, visitors or persons to this post is not directly connection with Mieum and/or the Mieum Platform - unless clearly stated.
* Mieum is a functional utility token, created for payment within our platform and extended network.

Title: Re: [PRE ANN] Mieum Platform Early Refer and Earn Program
Post by: mieumteam on March 27, 2018, 09:13:48 PM
This is a newbie moment for sure, we can't seem to get the images to show up! Anyone have thoughts on this. Thanks! Sucks when you can develop complete tech but can't get an image to show up on here.

Title: Re: [PRE ANN] Mieum Platform Early Refer and Earn Program
Post by: LoveCryptoAll on March 27, 2018, 09:19:51 PM
I was interested in the beginning. We are waiting for details about the project. But, I want to tell you that the reference to white paper does not work. An error is generated.

Title: Re: [PRE ANN] Mieum Platform Early Refer and Earn Program
Post by: mieumteam on March 27, 2018, 09:39:43 PM
Fixed thanks!