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Title: What should we do now so that in future there is no child labour in India.
Post by: tarunchawla54 on April 06, 2018, 03:53:28 AM
I am here to share my disappointment. Why it is easy to build the playground, Tanks for every country,  But difficult to build School that can provide the quality education to children. why they do not have rights to get a quality education. Now, this is the time that we all should fight against this.

Title: Re: What should we do now so that in future there is no child labour in India.
Post by: Ishan123 on April 06, 2018, 08:35:09 AM
Yes, Child is big issue now a days in India. According to me the main reason of Child labour is poverty. Poverty is a key reason for the existence of child labor. When a family lives in poverty, they may very often end up sending their children out to work at a young age even if everyone else in the family is working as well, when wages are very low, additional child labor may be needed to support the whole family. This situation is exacerbated if one or both parents is absent, has fallen ill or has passed away. So, reducing poverty in communities helps to support families and means that they do not need to send their children out to work. Also writing to the government to ensure that they pass and maintain laws that protect children from child labor.We should all act to prevent child labor, starting right away.

Title: Re: What should we do now so that in future there is no child labour in India.
Post by: ahmad21 on April 29, 2018, 07:02:09 PM
Child labor is a big issue in India due to which children of very young age are suffering. If we want to stop this problem then we have to start from its roots which in this case are parents. The awareness of bad consequences of child labor should be taught to the parents of low class or poor families. They should be made aware of the various government schools and subsidies available to them. Further, the government should make sure that the amount decided for the welfare of children in the budget actually reaches to the children and is not eaten up by the intermediaries.

Title: Re: What should we do now so that in future there is no child labour in India.
Post by: drmilind2004 on May 14, 2018, 02:28:37 AM
My solution is somewhat politically incorrect. Child labour occurs because of a poverty mindset over several, if not countless, generations. The parents, and indeed the entire communities, of children forced to work are conditioned to the mindset of thinking of them as miniature hands that can earn easy money.

In a 'proper' social-engineering country like China, the authorities would immediately remove these children from the guardianship of their parents.  In fact, the same would be the case in advanced Western countries. India tries to appease everyone, hence falls even deeper into the morass by the day.

Free elementary schooling with nutritious meals is a half way solution. The parents of child labourers entirely avoid sending them to school. The solution then is to make sure that they do not breed. Sanjay Gandhi experimented with this solution, but thereafter every politician was scared to touch this issue.

If such restrictions on procreation by the habitually offending groups are enforced, only then can the problem be solved. Else, its mayhem as usual in India: s.n.a.f.u.   :o

Title: Re: What should we do now so that in future there is no child labour in India.
Post by: bankarpit on July 27, 2018, 07:37:11 AM
we should be the first to take some initiative. Whenever you see and child doing work in any place, report it.

Title: Re: What should we do now so that in future there is no child labour in India.
Post by: ray10110 on July 30, 2018, 10:11:13 AM
that was the duty of  govt. to ban on child labour. if we see these type of problems we will quickly inform to our near police station. And the govt.  must be provide free education to the needy children.

Title: Re: What should we do now so that in future there is no child labour in India.
Post by: DeepuEzy on August 03, 2018, 08:51:23 AM
I'm always a supporter of Education and Poor Children who cannot afford their education expenses.

There are many children who want to study, but they can't afford the expenses, due to which they are forced to start working at childhood itself.

This is why, every month from my savings, i do Donate an amount of Money/Material for their Education directly to the Children instead to an institution or so, so that it reaches to them directly instead of pocket of the management.
(I did managed to get this done myself, trust me it does works)

More-over, since 10+ Years, I have been developing Websites/Education System completely FREE for education institutions who cannot afford the expenses and i will always do it in the future too as long as i'm alive.
(There are many poor Schools who don't have a website, not even good benches for the student to accommodate, so this is what i could do from my end to spread awareness and also keep a Donation Button on that website, so that some funds could be raised for them which could be used for the development of the School)

As a side note, if anyone here is connected with an Education Institution you can reach me directly over Email, Skype or Hangout and you will get the complete Website Expenses (Development, Hosting, Designing etc.) covered by me.

In-fact the Digital Goods that i started to sell online at is actually to help them only, as that's the earning that reaches to the poor.

According to me, if every individual helps out the poor and needy child, the day will not be far when everyone will get their desired education.

Just think about it, How much money do you spend for having a Pizza, Burger and all?
Even for Mobile Recharges etc. ?
If we walk out of our home, we purchase something or the other.

Let's take an example for India, if we can Donate INR 1 per month (by each Indian), it can help the Poor Indians.
(Off-course, to Achieve,Deploy this strategy there should be a good channel where-in this money reaches to the poor directly, instead of the Government, because history has shown us that if the Donation Money is triggered to the government directly then it has hardly reached the poor person completely.)

Also, if the same strategy is deployed by each country, i can be sure that we can wipe out the term POOR from this world.